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Dec 14

1-Carat Princess Cut Diamond Earrings

Do you want to be extremely safe while gifting your girl friend this valentine? Then gift her 1-carat princess cut diamond earrings. It will surely be a gift for her to cherish for the rest of her life. A diamond is always appreciated whether it is a split shank diamond engagement ring or 1-carat princess cut diamond earrings. To seal any relationship with a token, the diamond is the most suitable.

1-carat princess cut diamond earrings are suitable for you to express your undying love for your woman. The diamond as all of us know is a symbol of eternity and hardness. If it is time for you to commit something to your lover and win her over, the one-carat diamond is ideal. It will denote the firmness of your commitment and the eternity of your love. There are various designs in diamond earrings some are studs and some are hanging.

Diamonds can complement any attire. Be it a formal occasion or simply a casual occasion the diamonds are always suitable. Be it a black evening gown or the suit she wears to her office, the diamonds match perfectly. This ensures that you get the maximum return out of your investment since she is wearing it more often! Moreover, additionally whenever your lover is wearing this earrings will be reminded of the happy moment when you gifted her diamond jewelry.

"1-Carat Princess Cut Diamond Earrings"

1-Carat Princess Cut Diamond Earrings

Regarding the choice of material of the diamond earring, the best metals are platinum and titanium. They offer a truly opaque and classic backdrop against which the dazzle of the diamond is amplified instead of being rarefied, but white gold and silver can also be good options especially if you are on a tight budget.

Regarding the diamond that is one carat, there is a variety of stones in the same carat. They may vary in color, intrusion and cut. For example, the same one-carat diamond may be prices at over fifty thousand dollars or even five hundred dollars. The same one-carat diamond that is flawless, colorless and in one of the elite cuts like the princess cut diamond is extremely costly and rare.

However, if you go for the slightly colored or VVS or VS variety of diamonds you will be able to fit it in your budget. You may notice that a big piece of diamond is priced at lower rates than a small one-carat diamond. The reason for this is that the diamond prices are determining also on the quality of diamonds.

While looking for the ideal 1-carat princess cut diamond earrings, consider the tastes of the person. It can be anybody- mother, grandmother, or lover. However, it is crucial to know the preferences because the earrings for your mother and fiancé will not be alike. Whereas your mother may like a diamond stud earring, your youthful fiancé may prefer a dangling one!

Often choosing the ideal may be a tricky one. Therefore, for all those men I will like to suggest remaining steadfast on the piece that you want to spend. Not many are able to stick to their budget when it comes to the prefect 1-carat princess cut diamond earrings.