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Jul 13

3 Stone Rings – Because More Is Better Than Less

Category: blog

Less is more, we’ve all heard that one. However some of us don’t care, and we want more, period. Three stone rings are exactly what I’m talking about..why have one stone when you can have three?

In case you’re looking at three stone rings for sentimental purposes, it’s worth knowing that their origins stem from using three diamonds (or other gemstones but diamond girls!!) to represent the past, the present and the future. This is what makes them the perfect choice for engagement rings. However, over and above buying one for a tender, heart-felt reason, what we really want to do is buy them because they’re fabulous, right?

Three diamonds, all in a row..delicious.

Let’s take an engagement ring as the example for this article. Basically, 3 stone engagement rings are usually set with a larger central diamond, flanked by two smaller ones. Of those that can be found on the market, they generally fall into three different categories:

  • setting only – 2 stones: these are rings that already have the two outer diamonds set in place, leaving the buyer to choose the central stone
  • setting only – this type is, pretty much, a stone-less ring. The shape and design of the ring has already been created. To finish it the buyer chooses all 3 diamonds that are to be set onto the ring’s collar
  • finished – a 3 stone engagement ring that’s ready to place straight onto the bride-to-be’s finger

Of course this design of ring doesn’t need to be all diamond..a diamond and sapphire combination is highly popular, with the sapphires being set as the outer stones. Equally a diamond and ruby combination can look just as beautiful. Obviously the more a ring is personalized, the more unique it becomes.

Whatever the choice of stone, the point is that there are three. Of course the average anybody is going to want three over one, supposing that the budget can stretch that far. Knowing that diamonds are hardly a cheap and cheerful gemstone does put a little dampener on things but whatever – three it is.

A good way of buying the perfect ring is to look for discounted and end-of-season stock. They’re an awesome way of securing something that’s better quality than the price tag suggests, and there are plenty of offers out there. Have we convinced you yet? Trust can never have too many diamonds in your life.