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Dec 12

Anniversary Bands for Women

The best way to celebrate years of togetherness is to gift your ladylove a diamond. Diamond anniversary bands for women are immensely popular and common. However, have you wonder why it has become so popular? The symbolic nature of the diamond is the reason why most couples seal and commemorate their relationship with a diamond.

It symbolizes the firmness of fidelity and strength of love for days to come. So 25th anniversary, when the couple has tread the path in marital bliss for quiet sometime, the diamond is most befitting to be gifted.

When it comes to the designs there, are predominantly some patent designs that have various and limitless variations. For example,  they are solitaire rings, split shank diamond engagement rings, halo engagement rings, eternity rings and of course the bands. In case of eternity bands, three fourth of the shank is covered with diamonds. It is obvious that the ring will rotate in the finger, but part of the diamonds will always be seen.

"Anniversary Bands for Women"

Anniversary Bands for Women

Wedding band is an age-old tradition, but with the available variation, they look rather elegant. For example, you can go for some wedding bands that have intricate designs in them. Flowers and leaves with twigs are hugely popular, and the flowers are encrusted with diamonds. Channel setting is the most preferred setting in the eternity bands. The metal part of anniversary bands for women can also be in the form of inverted D or circular.

Solitaire rings come in an ultra thin jewelry shank so that the diamond looks suspended. Usually one large diamond is set on the ring with prongs. Nevertheless, a small variation is to have three stones instead of one. This is specifically good for the anniversaries. The three stones symbolize the past, the present, and the future that is yet to come. You can get matching bracelets and pendants with these three stone diamond rings. Anniversary bands for women can also be gifted in occasions like birth of the first child.

Another variation of the solitaire rings is the halo engagement rings. The centrally located diamond is flanked by smaller diamond that gives a bigger look to the centrally located diamond. The choice of a diamond can be in oval, square, or even in heart shape-romantic isn’t it!

Taking care of the anniversary bands for women is also an essential aspect. When you have some diamond encrusted in any jewelry, you must have it examined by a jeweler at least once in six months.

The reason for this is that often if the diamond is out of its setting you may not notice it in the naked eye. Your jeweler will be able to notice it under a microscope. Every year many people lose their diamonds because they are not very particular regarding their diamond settings.

As for daily care, keep the diamond in separate compartments. Rub them with a soft cloth because sweat and dust may stick to your diamond. If separate compartments are not available, then simply wrap them in soft tissue and keep in one place.