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Oct 23

Appraise Jewelry Online

Before you shell out a bomb for your fiancées diamond engagement ring princess cut, you need to be sure, of what you are investing in. You must know certain basics to be able to assess a genuine diamond from a fake. Apart from buying your jewelry from a trusted and reputed jeweler and ensuring its certification, you should go a step ahead to distinguish between the qualities of the stones and appraise jewelry online.

Jewelry is made from precious metals and stones and gold and diamonds dominate across cultures. Diamond jewelry trends offer a variety of designs, and cuts that determine their value and diamond rings are the most popular purchases online, being stylish and suitable for everyday wearers.

Diamond jewelry is judged by its characteristic 4C’s of color, cut, clarity and carat and come in striking shapes such as pear, princess cut, rose cut and heart shapes. These stones are set in different ring settings and shanks. Online stores offer some of the popular styles such as the regular solitaire with a broad gold band, split shank diamond rings with channel, and countersunk settings, which look stylish with its split bands that meet at the base of the crown. There are ranges of diamond bracelets, bangles, earrings, and necklaces online that look fabulous in different settings.

"Appraise Jewelry Online"

Appraise Jewelry Online

To appraise jewelry online you must know that genuine diamond shanks must reflect elements of brilliance, life and fire though its sparkle, color, and reflection. Beware of buying loose diamonds that twinkle little, these are considered ice effect diamonds and are inferior in quality.

As more and more people are opting to buy diamonds online, the need to appraise jewelry online has also gained momentum. So whether, you intend to buy a pair of those dangling beauties or wrist yourself with an exquisite bracelet, consider these aspects to appraise your jewelry.

1. If you are hooked on vintage designs, stay cautiously of imitations of the real designs. Consult a trusted diamond expert online to review your item as they hold no comparison to modern day carat and cut standards.

2. Closely observe the cut of the diamond. It should be neither too deep nor too shallow as this affects its brilliance. Several sites provide a detailed explanation of how to look for the perfect diamond cut.

3. Using a magnifying glass, look for any significant visible flaws in your stone that may affect its sparkle. This can typically change its value. Minor flaws of clarity and natural shape can be ignored. Many professional websites also evaluate jewelry online.

4. Diamonds come in a variety of colors such as pink, yellow, and chocolate, the colorless being most expensive. So determine the exact color of your diamond jewelry shank. To the naked eye, almost all diamonds look the same, but even a slight variance of color range can change its cost. Digitally check online the exact shade of your stone with your jeweler.

5. Many online jewelers give you with the approximate weight of princess cut diamonds according to their size and this should help you understand any cases of fraud.

Do not rush and blindly buy your jewels. Consult an expert, be smart, and just appraise your jewelry online!