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Feb 26

Best Bridal Set Rings for Brides

The process of choosing the bridal ring that would compliment her engagement ring and comes under your estimated budget requires time and effort. Both of which could be very difficult to get when you are already busy with the wedding arrangements. However, the solution to this particular issue is readily available with the Bridal Set rings offered by most of the jewelers.

More and more couples are opting for the bridal sets, a complementing set of the engagement ring and the bridal ring. You would need to browse for the right bridal set rings to match the style that defines your beloved. We have come across with some beautiful sets that we are sharing here with you.

Princess Cut Diamond Bridal Set Rings

Bridal Set Rings

Being the most popular diamond cut from quite some time now, Princess cut diamond engagement rings have been a huge success among the growing trend. The trend is now continuing for the diamond bridal set rings as well. The bridal set with a large princess cut diamond center stone with the wedding band with similar smaller stones perfectly complimenting each other makes a beautiful diamond bridal ring set.

Fancy Coloured Diamond Rings


Another trend catching up among wedding jewelry is fancy coloured diamond bridal sets. The combination of fancy colour stones like pink, blue or yellow with colourless diamonds on the rings looks stunning on the finger of the beautiful bride. The coloured diamond bridal set rings can be picked from a variety of styles and cuts with alternatively set different coloured diamonds.

Channel Set Diamond Bridal Rings

The channel setting rings have been a popular choice for diamond bridal set rings because of its bold and simple look. Many modern women also prefer this particular setting as the diamonds in the ring are protected from any wear and tear as no edge of the diamonds is exposed, which perfectly suits their lifestyle. The two rings of the set fit together perfectly because of the smooth surface.

Vintage Diamond Bridal Set Rings

Another crazy trend that has caught up lately is the vintage diamond bridal set rings. For women with love for antique jewelry, these bridal sets will be one of her most treasured possessions. Individually, the vintage rings make an exquisite choice, but it is very difficult and expensive to get the custom-made wedding ring to match with the engagement ring. Thus, vintage bridal set rings can be a convenient way to get what you like.

His and Her Wedding Ring Set

As you have shared the sparks of love with each other since the day you met, it looks like a good idea to display a flash of that love with complimenting wedding bands from the choice of popular ring set collection at your jeweler. The trio wedding ring set comes with the diamond bridal set rings along with a complimentary wedding band for the groom.

The wedding ring will stay with you forever, and thus it becomes all the more important to choose the right rings that matches your personality and are comfortable to wear. Diamond bridal set rings can be a great way to go for.