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Feb 19

Best Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings for Girls

Best Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Due to the huge popularity of diamond among women, people prefer to gift diamond rings on an engagement day. Diamond engagement bands, especially diamond solitaire engagement rings for girls, play a vital role in bringing a smile on the face of your beloved lady on the special day.

These rings come with simple yet appealing designs; they are a thin band with a mounted solitaire diamond. Though simple, but they are eloquent and convey the message that is associated with an engagement band. Such rings are available in a range of styles and designs to choose from with a solitaire diamond engraved.However, the key lies in choosing the best diamond ring.

There are various diamond solitaire engagement rings for girls. Hence, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Thankfully, you can ease the selection process by being smart and diligent. A little creativity and diligence will help you in buying the best band for your engagement ceremony. Some of the best diamond solitaire engagement bands for girls are as follows.

White Gold Diamond Solitaire Rings


 Most of the traditional diamond engagement rings are made out of gold, but you can find solitaire engagement bands made from many different metals as well. These days, many people prefer white gold as opposed to conventional yellow gold.

Due to its distinct coloration, white gold is a step above yellow gold. The best thing about white gold is it doesn’t get tarnished like silver, and maintain its pristine beauty for years.

Platinum Based Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings


Many women love platinum made diamond engagement bands over gold versions. Platinum is a tougher material compared to yellow gold and white gold. Though expensive, but this type of bands surpasses white gold and yellow gold making it a perfect match for the engagement day.

Titanium Made Diamond Solitaire Engagement Bands

Titanium is yet another metal that is gaining huge popularity among couples for engagement bands. It is much more durable than platinum, white gold and yellow gold. A well made titanium ring will last for years without getting any sort of chips or breaks.

Small Diamond Solitaire Rings

If you have limited budget at your disposal, a band made of small diamond might be an ideal choice for your engagement event. Without breaking your bank, you can have a well made diamond engagement solitaire ring featuring a small yet appealing diamond.

Large Diamond Engagement Bands

A band that comes with a colored diamond might be a perfect fit, if you wish to have a medium or large sized diamond without spending a fortune. On the other hand, if money is not a problem, you can choose a colorless diamond of bigger size. Such bands are a bit costly, but the shine and glitter of the band outweighs the price on the most awaited occasion.

Thin or Thick Sized Bands

If you wish to have a band without compromising the quality of the ring within your budget range, a thin ring will make a perfect fit. Such a ring consumes less metal thereby making it much cheaper. Similarly, it will have less space to house the solitaire diamond.

This also implies that you will have to pick a small sized diamond. In this way, you can have a yellow or platinum metal diamond band for your big day without spending much.

With the availability of so many types of Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings for Girls, finding the right one is not at all impossible. Surf through the wide collection available at different outlets in order to choose the best one for your engagement occasion matching your likings and budget. Finally, buy the best diamond solitaire engagement ring for your one-in-a-million lady that is appealing, affordable and matches your tastes and preferences.