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Jul 5

Black Diamonds – What Are They?

Category: blog

Slowly, slowly, black diamonds have grown in popularity. Are they real? Are they expensive? What are they?

Many people consider a black diamond to be nothing more than a lump of coal. The thinking stems from popular opinion (that suggests) that diamonds originate from coal. They don’t. If they did then we would simply take coal, apply incredible amounts of pressure to it and create our own diamonds, right? An urban myth is all it is, and no matter what you do to a lump of coal, that’s all it will ever be.

However the focus for this article are black diamonds, which are, quite simply, diamonds. They’re just black. You heard right – they’re diamonds. Officially they’re called Carbonado diamonds, but the world of media being what it is, Carbonado has been substituted for the word ‘black’. Probably because it sells more jewelry and, from an advertising perspective, it sounds so much better..

Are they worth buying? That depends on personal preference. A black diamond absorbs light, no matter the cut or the shape. They don’t attract the eye in the same way as a normal diamond, they won’t stand out the same as normal diamond rings do. They’re darker (obviously), denser (to look at) and a lot less delicate looking.

Your average diamond reflects light, it flashes, it sparkles..that’s part of why they’re cut they way that they are. Of course a dark gemstone is still beautiful; think of the darker sapphire for instance but – a diamond is a thing of brilliance, a thing of great beauty, and nothing will work as well on princes cut engagement rings as..a princess cut diamond.

That said a black diamond should be bought for different reasons. They’re a style statement, they scream ‘I’m different, I make trends, not follow them’. They’re also an incredibly beautiful gemstone in their own right, and look particularly alluring when they’re matched with diamonds, as the focus becomes the contrast between the two stones.

Having said that, you still cannot match the beauty that comes with diamond wedding rings, or a pair of diamond stud earrings. One thing’s for sure – the small but perfectly formed diamond will always win when it comes to beauty, appeal and elegance.