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May 4

Diamond and Sapphire Wedding Bands

diamond and sapphire wedding bands

Iconic of timelessness and unrivaled luxury, diamond and sapphire wedding bands are designed for couples seeking a classic ring with an opulent couture look. When dazzling brilliant cut diamonds are set with superior blue sapphires in platinum or white gold band, the overall look is simply spectacular!

Wedding is the day when we bond our lives with the life with the person we love the most. We solemnly vow to stay with our beloved, in all ups and downs, and promise to stay together forever.The ring exchange ceremony is a way of proofing love bonds. This ceremony is followed in scores of cultures around the world.

A wedding band is a gift to your partner to seal your love, and remains on his or her hands as a constant reminder of your relationship and emotions. Thus, it is obligatory to select a wedding band which is not just beautiful has a unique and timeless quality about it. Particularly in such cases, diamond and sapphire wedding bands fit the bill perfectly.

Why choose Diamond and sapphire wedding bands

diamond and sapphire wedding bands

Reckoned as the hardest substances on earth, diamonds score 10 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale whereas sapphires, which are equally hard, score 9 on the same scale. Thus, when it comes to durability and resilience in day-to-day wear, diamond and sapphire wedding bands are ideal. They are extremely resistant to scratching and chipping even if worn daily.

Rings come in a vast variety of designs and styles. Making a choice from a wide assortment, based on your taste, your partner’s taste, and of course your budget is hardly cumbersome.

If you have a decent budget, your definite choice should be diamond and sapphire wedding bands.  These bands are class apart, and not without a reason. When you choose a diamond ring with a sapphire studded in it, you get the pure elegance of diamonds and add a sparkle of color through the sapphire.  This is one of the primary reasons why diamond and sapphire wedding bands make aluxe and distinctive choice.

Buying Tips

There are several factors you need to bear in mind when you buy a diamond sapphire wedding band.While considering the diamonds in the band, the following four C’s need to be scrutinized.

  • Cut

You can select from a variety of cuts, ranging from brilliant cut diamonds which are available in heart, pear, round, marquise and oval shapes.  Then there are step cut diamonds which mostly have a rectangular shape. Mixed cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds and cushion cut diamonds are a few other options.

  •  Clarity

Diamond in its raw form has multitudes of inclusions and flaws. To ensure a diamond emits superior brilliance, it is important to select a piece that is as clear as possible.

  • Color

Although diamonds are available in a wide bevy of colors such as pink, yellow, black, white diamonds are the most popular.

  • Carat

Depending on your budget, you may go ahead and select the caratage of the diamond ring.

When considering the sapphire in the band, it is wise to remember that deep colored sapphires are the most valuable of all sapphires. Often times, in order to make sapphires more affordable, they are heat treated to achieve superior color intensity by jewelers.

Diamond and sapphire wedding bands are not merely pieces of jewelry but something we are going to look at, and feel happy about for the rest of our lives. Albeit, they could be a little heavy on the pocket, but for the one you love the most, they are totally worth it. And certainly, this one investment would definitely pay off in terms of emotions and joy.

With so many plus points, choosing diamond and sapphire wedding bands for the most significant occasion of your life is wise from all perspectives.