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Nov 14

Diamond Band Engagement Rings


Any gift is a symbol of love. Especially when the gift is given out on the wedding anniversaries or the wedding event itself, the value of it has no boundaries. Many brides like to receive the princess cut engagement rings as a gift on their D-day. What is distinctive about the unique engagement rings is the uniqueness of the rings that draw attention.

Many women for various reasons prefer diamond shanks rings. Traditional designs are not much popular compared to halo engagement ring. Anybody would like to start of the special day with the best impressions from the woman of their life. It is obvious that since women opt for diamond band engagement rings, their loved ones are keen on getting one for these women.

The diamond band engagement rings are off late gaining much popularity. If you are wondering why, then the answer is straightforward. The elegance of these engagement rings split shank is alluring. The split shank rings are of elegant design. For a jewelry shank, the size of the diamond is comparatively an unusually considerably larger size, which means that the elegance of the jewelry shank is enhanced. To be precise diamond shank is more or less like a frame to the stone.

"Diamond Band Engagement Rings"

Diamond Band Engagement Rings

The diamond is mounted on precious metals. The 2 ct is the minimum weight of the diamond gem that is requiring for the split shank rings. Compared to the classical solitaire rings, the engagement ring split shank looks dazzling. The viewer gets lesser look of the metal in the diamond shanks as the metal is just a supporting frame. The shape of the diamond stone may be any, oval, or round. The style of the split shanks rings is more feminine compared to that of the classic solitaire rings.

Halo engagements rings are preferred a lot due to their looks. How does the diamond band engagement rings look is like a series of diamond stones embedded in these? They are called eternity rings for the very reason. As the diamond stones are arrayed continuously through the engagement split shank rings, love is considered to stay forever with purity and promise. The most mentioned value is that one can make use of the diamond shanks every day, for both formal and informal occasions.

They do not give out easily, even if you wear them round the clock for 365 days. Hence, the split shanks are considered an excellent choice for wedding bands. There are also half eternity bands. If the bride chooses to wear something better than a basic wedding band, but does not want too many stones on them, the half eternity bands are another option.

If you have a busy plan through your day, then the split shanks are the best engagement rings. You can easily wear another ring in the next finger while you wear the eternity rings as they have straight edges. However, if you want people to turn to your eternity ring, then perhaps you should leave the split shank only, so the elegance and beauty are enhanced for drawing quite a lot of attention.