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Apr 11

Diamond Clarity and Color Chart Explained

Anyone who is interested in buying diamond jewelry today should probably know in detail about Diamond Clarity and Color Chart. It is quite obvious that almost everyone knows about the 4C’s in diamond while making a buying decision i.e. Clarity, Color, Carat and Cut.

But the sad fact is that many people focus on just two aspects from the 4 i.e. Color and Cut. These two attributes are useful in determining the aesthetic value of diamond jewelry but Carat and Clarity speak of the quality that customers are given with respect to the product they choose.

What do Diamond Clarity and Color Chart mean?

Diamond Clarity and Color Chart

Such measures like diamond clarity and diamond color chart are aimed at reducing the fake attempts of imposters to bring down the value of diamond by deliberately introducing low quality jewelry items into the market. Hence it can become a matter of great concern for the buyer.

So getting to know about the diamond clarity and color chart is something a first time diamond buyer should definitely attempt before setting out to the store. It is not a big task to accomplish and would require very little of your precious time as well.

Diamond Clarity Demystified

On a very specific basis we can define diamond clarity as the measure as well as the descriptions of any design flaws or structural abnormalities that can be witnessed in a diamond based jewelry which can cause the ornament to lose its value. You have to understand that there are multiple flaws to handle here and each one would offer a different depreciation to the value of the diamond.

Flaws can be of many kinds as explained below. The most common flaws that could be seen in precious metals are those associated with crystalline deformations. They would be visible as tiny spots on the metal surface. It may be invisible to the naked eye at the first glimpse but on looking more closely, the spots can be easily identified. More the spots or more the depth of the spot, lesser will be the market value of the ornament.

Another aspect from the Diamond Clarity and Color chart is the color chart itself. As evident to many, the colorless diamond is indeed the most precious one above all other forms. But today a wide variety of diamond color combinations are preferred in jewelry made across the globe. So how do you rate diamonds based on their appearance and color mainly?

Now to the Color

diamond color

Diamond color charts are basically two in number i.e. one from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the other is from the American Gem Society (AGS). Both of these color charts rate diamonds from yellowish to colorless where colorless has the highest quality as mentioned elsewhere.

Color in a diamond can also be influenced by the level of light rays that pass through the diamond structure. Pure diamond will have a very high light splitting capability and as a result will sparkle a lot. Other diamond variants are not too bad but pure diamond is something that everyone craves about.

Buy from Reliable Sources

You can definitely get a diamond ring or chain having a top ranking in Diamond clarity and Color Chart today. A quick visit to a nearby diamond store that has been around for quite a while can land you with the best quality diamond jewelry available today. If you have any confusions regarding the diamond clarity or the color value according to the color charts, then these stores would have professionals to assist you so that you make only the best choice.

So now that you have understood what exactly diamond clarity and color chart does, you need to make your diamond buying decisions wisely by following these parameters.