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Sep 18

Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings

Split shank diamond jewelry is simply stunning, and with their range of designs and style, they can make you miss a beat! This is the reason the wedding bands are losing their popularity to be replaced by the split shank diamond engagement rings. Apart from this, the split shank jewelry is able to convey the dual messages of immense personal style at the same time commitment to your bride.

The immense variety of the split shank diamond engagement ring is also dependent on the presentation of the diamond. Developed from the classic solitaire diamond rings that almost hide the metallic part, the split shank diamond jewelry also aim at almost hiding the metallic part to provide a suspended appearance.

In this way, you also cut on the price of the metal because surely the spilt shank, with the split can afford to save metal. The splits may also occur in three numbers, and since they let the skin be seen in between, they give a unusually detached appearance.

"Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings"

Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings

Regarding the metals for split shank jewelry, platinum and titanium are the best and costliest, but for those who are tight on their budget can even think of palladium. Palladium is also extremely expensive, but since it has a lower specific gravity, it is lighter. So for the same ring, the weight of the metal used is less and thus the price and be substantially cut out.

Golden or rose gold does not provide the perfect backdrop for a diamond to be engraved in it. Rather white gold, made after alloys are mixed with the same gold, offers that neutral background suitable for the diamond.

You can also get a diamond split shank in white gold. Using a rigid metal for the ring is necessary because settings weaken the metallic band and if a rigid metal is not used, the diamond will not be able to stay in place. In a split shank diamond engagement ring, the shanks, numerous in number are able to give that support to the diamond that it needs.

As compared to the classic solitaire rings, the split shanks are better and able to accommodate larger diamonds. Therefore, if your dream is to see a dazzling stone on your sweetheart’s long fingers, the split shank diamond engagement, and wedding rings are the best.

Split shank diamond engagement rings cannot be coupled with the wedding bands because I feel that the split shank jewelry is unique, artistic and thus they stand apart from the rest. They need a certain amount of space and cannot be worn with the wedding bands.

Another aspect that needs to specify is that the split shank rings are suitable mainly for larger diamonds like, for example, those close to two carats and above it. It is also most suitable for those solitaire diamonds that are oval or square in size. If this kind, of a two-carat stone is used then you may also look into the engagement halo rings is split shank. The halo engagement ring has an additional setting of smaller diamonds around the main diamond that makes it a unique engagement ring.