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Jan 12

Diamond Eternity Rings for Women

Diamond eternity rings are just as they sound. They are a symbol of promise and commitment given to the woman by a man intending to love her till the eternity. Well, these rings are metal bands with precious stones embedded into the circumference of the bands. The most popular types are the one’s made with diamonds – diamond eternity rings.

Precious events like anniversaries, birth of the first child or just because she’s special, can be used to give her a diamond eternity ring as it is considered as one of the most perfect ways of expressing one’s love for the other. Along with the sweet sentiment of proclaiming love, the style and design of the ring can be done with personal taste as well.

When it comes to diamond eternity rings, all stones embedded into the ring would be of the same size, cut and setting. These are the three main aspects that the person must choose to his liking. Most often, women love going in for fancy diamond cuts like round, emerald, radiant, princess and asscher. With the cut, size and setting selected, the diamond eternity ring would certainly light up her eyes.

Full Styles

diamond eternity ring

Among eternity rings, there are two popular styles, the first of which is known as full style. This classic design has precious gemstones embedded all around the metal band. There are many kinds of setting where the stones appear to be snugly fit in the band, while others make it look like the diamonds are floating.

This type of style might have smaller sized stones for comfort reasons. If large stones were used then perhaps it would be uncomfortable between the lady’s fingers. Most commonly 14 diamonds or more with a total carat weight of 5ct would be ideal.

It must be noted that these rings cannot be resized easily since diamonds lie all around the band. Moreover, the size of the band would determine how many stones must be placed in it. So, if one goes in for a full style diamond eternity ring, then one must be absolutely certain of the cut, size and setting before the final order it given.

Half Style

The second of the two styles popular today is the more modern version of an eternity ring, called half style. At times, women might feel uncomfortable with the stones placed all around the band and the thickness of the ring itself. In such cases, half style is ideal.

This type of ring only has one half, or the face of the ring, embedded with diamonds. This makes it easier to wear and this also allows one to choose larger sizes of diamond stones. People who opt for the half style have mentioned that one of the reasons for choosing this type of diamond eternity ring is the fact that the stones can be easily seen when worn.

Right Setting

diamond eternity ring

One of the many settings available today, for the precious stones on an eternity ring is the channel setting. This kind of setting is where the diamonds are placed with a channel in between the two strips of metal making it more comfortable for the lady to wear the ring.

Another type of setting is by using prongs to hold the stones. There are different types of prongs that can be chosen from single, u shaped, four prong and shared. This type of design allows the stones to be seen completely, showing off all their glamour.

The thought of expressing one’s love and devotion is a beautiful sentiment, and doing so with diamond eternity rings would surely have her on cloud 9. Apart from the stones glittering, you would see her eyes glitter as well.