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Jul 19

Diamonds Are Forever

Category: blog

You’ve all heard the following saying ‘there are only two things guaranteed in life – death and taxes’? Well really there are three, and here’s the third:

Yes, we at the Splitshank Engagement Ring Shop are perfectly aware that no matter what the IRS want a slice of our dollar pie, and of course there’s going to be a day that includes a meeting with the Grim Reaper, quickly followed by our unfortunate demise but – we also know that diamonds are everlasting. And maybe, just maybe, we can persuade Mr Reaper with a great big rock in exchange for a few more years..

Fooling around aside, we’re quite sure that everyone understands the beauty of the small but perfectly formed (once we’ve processed them at least) diamond. We like to think that we’re not alone when it comes to appreciating just how rare these stones are, and that every time someone buys one, they buy them for more than just their monetary value..they’re also bought because they’re a symbol of eternal beauty.

A diamond symbolizes longevity is a way that no other gemstone does, or can do. Perhaps it’s because of their sheer brilliance, their rarity? Or maybe it’s because, the world over, a diamond is seen as a thing of great value. Woman use them to enhance their beauty, to demonstrate that they’re loved beyond measure – of course they are..they’re wearing a huge shiny rock on their finger!

Showing your intended, or perhaps your beloved, just how much you love them by way of a fabulous 3 stone ring is the pathway to happiness. Believe us when we say ‘we know’. We’re not just a jewelry blog, we’re jewelers. The times we’ve been present when a guy has bough his girl a stunning diamond piece. Her face. Her delight. His look of relief…

Just kidding.

Diamonds are forever. Diamonds are worth every last penny and love? More than worth the price tag of a large 1.25 carat beauty…