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Jul 3

Diamonds – What Is A Carat?

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When you’re buying diamond jewelry, it’s worth knowing what the four c’s mean – cut, carat, clarity and color. This article is going to look at carat, what it stands for and why it’s an important aspect of diamond buying.

In very simple terms, a carat is a unit of weight. In essence that transfers to: the bigger the diamond, the bigger the carat, the bigger the price. However many a buyer of diamond rings pays more than the jewelry’s worth simply because they’re not fully aware of just how much a diamonds carat affects the price.

It’s fairly easy for a dubious salesman to pitch a diamond wedding set to a couple based on how it looks, rather what it’s really worth, when he knows that they know little to nothing about diamonds themselves.

How Diamonds Are Weighted

Two things go into the diamond’s weight – points plus carat. Each carat is equal to 100 points, and one carat is equal in measured weight to 0.20 of a gram. Effectively a diamond that is classed as having 25 points is graded as a 0.25 carat diamond.

A diamond with 35 points if a 0.35 carat diamond, and so on. Basically the carat is a weight measurement, and not to be confused with the size of a diamond.

Often the cut (another of the four c’s) effects that size, so do be aware that, when it comes to buying diamond jewelry, size isn’t always relative. Further, it’s worth knowing that one of the primary aspects of grading diamonds is the carat, so make sure that you also check out the carat weight of that princess cut wedding band that you’re about to buy.

Coming across as knowledgeable will more than help you to acquire the right piece of jewelry and, if you choose to buy online, you’re not going to need to rely on guesswork before you hit the checkout screen.

One thing to remember – a diamond that is a little bigger will cost a whole lot more than a ‘little more’. Even if the diameter is only slightly bigger, the price will be far higher in ratio. When it comes to diamonds you have to remember just how rare they are, despite the fact that they’re readily available.

A large diamond is extremely rare, and you will pay a premium price. Furthermore the work that goes into turning a rough diamond into one that’s mounted onto a wedding ring is intricate, time consuming and expensive. Carat, cut, color and clarity are things that will never come quite as cheap as we’d like.

However, a diamond is a beautiful thing, and owning one isn’t just about their beauty and allure, it’s also about understanding what you’re investing in – because every diamond is unique, stunning … as well as being an asset.