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Jun 25

Elegant Engagement Rings – Elegant Designs

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There are many forms of engagement rings, and for that reason alone it’s easy to end up purchasing the wrong one. Believe it or not some designs are ‘too much’, and it’s not unknown for the bride-to-be to end up with a ring that’s anything but elegant and perfectly suited to her and the occasion.

Some rings are too large, the stone too cumbersome, or there are too many stones, again making the ring itself appear ungainly and overbalanced. As an example, a huge diamond set on too high a shoulder, with an excessive claw, can look incredibly unwieldy on a hand that’s small and delicate, with fingers that a pianist would die for.

The key to purchasing the correct engagement ring lies in two things:

  • the size and shape of the hand it will be worn upon

  • the personality and character of the wearer

The most appropriate design will lend any ring an air of much-needed elegance, so it’s not necessarily the style, the metal, the size of the diamond and so on, so much as it is the match between the ring itself and the one that will be wearing it.

You can choose from among many a classic design, or opt (instead) for something modern and contemporary, even going as far as designing the ring yourself, or simply fall back on something beautifully vintage and utterly timeless. Of course you then have to figure out what diamond you want in your ring, and with so many to choose from, which one will best suit?

Again, the type of diamond that you choose is a wholly individual choice, and being that there are so many different shapes and sizes, this is something that should be carefully considered. Many couples favor the princess cut diamond, if for no other reason than its name is perfectly fitting for the occasion.

Then again the marquise cut, famed for its historical connotations and its ability to evoke a vintage appeal, is also popular among modern couples. However the most popular cut by a long mile is the round cut diamond, otherwise known as the brilliant.

Although the cut has been around less that 100 years, it’s simplistic styling creates an elegant air, one that’s highly prized and highly sought after. It’s a timeless choice, and despite its shape the round cut diamond boasts 58 facets, which more than capture any light that it’s surfaces are exposed to.

Fabulously tasteful and sophisticated, any diamond ring that’s set with a round cut diamond has the potential to fulfill the role of being the perfect, elegant engagement ring – time after time.