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Sep 27

Engagement Ring Sets

If you look for engagement ring sets, I would like to tell you that you could come to your wit’s end while shopping for the perfect engagement ring sets in the market. The reason for this is that there is an infinite, vast range available online. Yes, online jewelry is the necessity of the time, and you must take a tour along the online jewelry stores because they help you to get attractive discounts. More value for money-lucrative isn’t it!

Bridal sets are the most common form of sets that include an engagement ring and a wedding ring along with it. From the value point, of view also when you get in sets you get bigger discounts. From fashion point of view, you have access to matching rings, which may not be possible when you are buying wedding rings and engagement rings individually. The duo sets can be purchased from the wholesale diamond jewelry sellers but be careful to correlate all the prices because I have seen that the same piece of diamond engagement ring varies around ten per cent in their prices at different stores.

The trio set is yet another aspect of the engagement ring sets. This package includes a women engagement ring, a women’s wedding ring and a men’s wedding band. From the consumer point of view, your discounts get even larger and so you can certainly try this one. Many couples like to wear similar rings, so matching trio rings even increase the sentimental value of the rings.


Engagement Ring Sets

In this context, I need to tell you about the split shank engagement rings. The split shank engagement rings are perfect for engagement ring sets. The split shank jewelry as the name symbolizes support bifurcations on the rings that hold the diamond as much as a suspended look.

There may be two to three shanks, and depending on the nature of the ring, your split shank ring may cost you something between five thousand to ten thousand dollars. The shanks may also contain diamonds encrusted on them, but they should not go deep down in between the fingers because it may hurt the fingers.

Pave setting is the most common setting for split-shank diamond engagement rings and some of them are so sophisticated that your girlfriend will not be able to move her eyes from it. You will see her using her ring fingers more often, because human psyche says we tend to show off our most prized possession and indeed the split-shank diamond engagement ring can be something truly priceless.

Other compelling reason why you can get split shank diamond rings is that they offer a lot of support to the central ring. Due to this, the middle ring stays in place securely. Though often compared to solitaire rings, the split-shank diamond engagement rings are far safer than the solitaire wedding rings.

While buying any kind of ring- be it an engagement ring shank or an elegant wedding ring keep the charm of the person for whom you are buying in your mind. This will help you to come to the right choice of ring.