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Dec 5

Engagement Ring Wedding Band Order

Weddings are memorable occasions that not only unite a couple, but also unite the families of both partners. The celebration echoes the tradition and style that is part of the involved families. The bridal wear signifies the occasion combined with the tastes of the families drawn in the festivity.

Wedding rings are the cause of wonder and amazement for the bride and guests who behold the diamond jewelry. The availability of a unique engagement ring is the dream proposal come true for the to-be-wedded fiancé. Indulge in exclusive diamond buys that last for a lifetime. Engagement rings and wedding bands are timeless and priceless investments that reap the benefits of a long lasting relationship.

If your would-be partner adorns your ring finger that is the fourth finger then when the wedding day arrives where will the band be placed? On top of the already existent jewelry shank or occupy the position below the split shank ring? Tradition points out that the wedding ring is placed closer to the heart, and the fourth ring finger is the connecting link between the adorned finger and the heart. It is; therefore, considered a good luck charm to place the wedding diamond shank exclusively on the ring finger.

"Engagement Ring Wedding Band Order"

Engagement Ring Wedding Band Order

The importance of engagement ring wedding band order has many takers in the wedding market. Modern day brides and grooms are lucky to avail such a wide variety of diamond rings and diamond bands on offer. The split shank diamond studded model is a popular choice among the present generation newly betrothed. Even engagement ring shank forms are available in varying sizes and makes. Stone studded or of just old-fashioned gold or silver pure metal rings, engagement ring shanks set the stage for the proposal.

It is best to follow the time immemorial ring placement order on the correct finger, and to invest in a new form split shank rings. There are now fusion models in the stores that serve as twin purpose engagement rings split shank jewelry. The engagement ring is present in a bigger sized type that doubles as a wedding band on the D-day. The concept is to wear the ring on the engagement as well as on the wedding date. As cost-effective approach the rules the current market trend, so have wedding planners come up with such novel ideas.

The engagement ring wedding band order is a fresh approach that explains the classification of the diamond jewelry worn in different times from pre-wedding to post-wedding circumstances. The many models are of remarkable ranges like the dual-intention princess cut engagement rings, or halo engagement ring. The extraordinary precious stone for the particular occasion is a diamond. A halo engagement ring radiates with diamonds on it and shines similar to a princess cut diamond, resting in the center of the wedding band.

Be it stone studded engagement rings princess cut or an absolute wedding band, it does not matter as to the order of the arrangement. The engagement ring wedding band order does not matter as an engagement celebration followed by wedding ceremony occupy equal position on the minds of the betrothed and the wedded. Follow your heart as to the engagement ring wedding band order.