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Oct 5

Engagement Ring with Diamond

Before you are planning to propose your beloved, get that exquisite princess cut diamond ring, and if you are on the hunt for it already, remember to invest in something that not only brings a sparkling smile to your fiancées face but also suits your pocket. Gifting a unique engagement ring with diamond is the perfect way to commit to a relationship of a lifetime.

An engagement ring with diamond is supposed to represent unity and clarity in a relationship, which displays your timeless love and faith in her.Generally, diamonds are the most preferred stone in an engagement ring, as it is known to depict purity, faithfulness, and innocence of your emotions. Traditionally, the classic solitaire is considered the most sophisticated and formal style of diamond engagement rings.

That sparkling diamond ring you are planning to buy could be in a variety of styles, designs, and even different colors! Diamonds are available in the pure white or colorless, pink, yellow and even browner tones. Apart from the solitaire as an engagement ring, you could also have a single larger stone like princess cut diamond studded with several smaller diamonds set in a design.

"Engagement Ring with Diamond"

Engagement Ring with Diamond

To buy a high quality sparkling diamond, you have to pay attention to cutting and setting of the diamond. Try to have a diamond ring that has the main stone in the highest quality combined with the smaller diamonds of different carat weight.

An engagement ring with diamond is considered most appropriate in a size anywhere between 1 to 1.5 carats although you could also choose spectacularly stud smaller diamonds of even 0.15 to 0.25 carat weight range, to suit your budget.

The most exquisite diamond shank rings are set in gold, titanium and platinum in 14 or 18 carat, which are strong enough to secure the diamond. A 24-carat gold setting may although be purer in the metal quality, but is generally weak to hold a diamond in place.

Choose the setting of your ring carefully. There are classic vintage styles and modern, contemporary designs in diamond rings available in a large variety. Among the contemporary styles, engagement ring split shank, celebrity engagement rings, halo engagement rings and multiple stone half eternity rings are popular among couples.

The split shank style of engagement ring with diamond is hugely in demand. Split shank refers to the style where the band splits into channels, to meet the base of the crown on the ring. These channels may too, be set with several smaller diamonds in pave style. Diamond engagement rings Split shank may although be more expensive, but they are considered to be value for money and provide better security for the ring. You could also try customizing your split shank ring in various stones, metals, and prongs.

Choose your diamonds and stones only after guaranteeing their quality from a reputed jeweler. These stones come in different cuts or shapes such as pear shaped diamonds, oval shaped, cushion cut, princess cut diamonds among others. Once you have finalized your ring, make sure to have it sized to fit your fiancées finger.

Diamonds represent faith and abundance in a relationship. So begin your new journey with that unique