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Aug 29

Engagement Rings with Halo Settings

The central diamond flanked ideally with matching, and in most cases smaller diamonds characterizes a halo engagement ring. Even though, the round central stone is most common, yet nowadays the rising trend is to have emerald cut, princess cut, cushion cut or oval shaped diamonds. In fact, any diamond that is losing can be used centrally for an engagement halo ring.

Popularity since the first half of the last millennium

The trend of wearing a vintage engagement ring shank started as early as the nineteen twenties. Back then, they were considered as a prized possession and passed on from generation to generation as an heirloom. It was a time of decadent sensibilities and the art during the time was at its peak. It is only natural that these decadent art forms are seen in the diamond jewelry too. The art deco era is reflective of symmetrical patterns, and the halo is a particularly prominent trend emerging at that time. The reason for its popularity was also that it made the centrally located diamond even larger.

"Engagement Rings with Halo Settings"

Engagement Rings with Halo Settings

Some of the halo engagement rings from the times are real pieces of art, depicting an era of artistic grandeur and eye for details. The times have changes but the fashion trend of wearing a large centrally located diamond in the middle along with other smaller diamonds flanking it, is not a matter of past. You may see such large diamond rings in the fingers of many of the celebrities nowadays. Apart from changes in the shape of the central diamond, you may also notice other kinds of split shank diamond rings like the pave style or even the double halo style.

About engagement rings split shank

Unique engagement rings are the latest trend in the market. Even though, contemporary styles are ruling the market, yet vintage styles are immensely popular. After all the trend of the wearing, a halo engagement ring is nothing new! The split shank ring is actually another aspect of a halo engagement ring that adds to your personal style. The sides of the ring- the shank- being covered with stones it attaches a certain degree of uniqueness to the ring.

The brilliant sparkle of the split shank engagement ring can enamor anybody and many people like to use titanium or platinum for the base of the jewelry because they from an extremely dull and blunt background. This will in return increase the brilliance of the stones. Again, the main purpose of the split shank diamond engagement ring in a halo pattern is accentuating the effect of the main diamond.

A halo engagement ring setting can be made out of different cuts of diamonds. However, one must be darned sure regarding the setting. Claws surely do not obstruct the part of light entering and leaving the diamond and hence makes it appear brighter. Nevertheless, in case of clawed settings you will have to get your claws examined by a proper jeweler in regular intervals because there are many instances where the diamonds have fallen off because of weak claws.