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Sep 11

Engagement Rings with Stones

Engagement rings have their elegance and beauty always, or even lifelong. An engagement ring always conveys the communication between two hearts. People are usually looking for an engagement ring with at least one stone in it. There is an extensive array of diamond engagement rings available in the market these days-Split shank engagement rings; princess cut engagement rings, Halo engagement rings, three stone engagement rings etc.

Split shank engagement rings can be an extremely rare gift for your ladylove. These are made using the finest quality materials. These rings have come up with a particular feature that separate the ring into two strands as it reaches the center of the ring. Many of the split shank rings have strands comprised of diamond, which actually makes it prettier in the look. The diamond shank is particularly significant among the engagement rings. These are specific in the market because of the elegant and elegant look they have.

"Engagement Rings with Stones"

Engagement Rings with Stones

There are various designs of split shank rings available, which actually suit for you with strands that have diamonds entrusted on it, shank with diamond setting, or even a center stone one on explicit metal ring. The strands with diamonds will attract most of the buyers. The buyer can decide on what should be the center stone of their engagement split shanks–diamond, ruby, emerald etc. Split shank ring with thin strands, twisted shanks, and wide splits will sure tempt the shopper.

The halo design has a crucial role in the designing part of the split shank rings. The designers and buyers often select this design because of its elegant look. The halo engagement ring has a diamond border around the center stone. The highest quality is guaranteed on every purchase of a split shank ring. The designs available are made using the well-qualified techniques. You may choose any one of your choice and have the rings delivered on time.

You can even create your split shank ring customized by selecting the center stone and the size of the ring, which will help to ensure the elegance and structural integrity of the ring. The halo design comes up with two variations–side settings and paves settings. Both of them highlight the center stone of the ring, which is the focus together with the strands made of diamonds. The side setting is just another form of the three stone setting, which uses smaller set of diamond arranged in a channel setting or a prong setting.

The princess cut diamond is another option for the engagement ring. These are a novel class of the split shank engagement rings, which are beautiful and elegant. Women are crazy about the princess cut engagement rings, as the light coming out from its stone is visible even from a long distance. If you need refinement to the top level then you have to buy a unique engagement ring with princess cut.

The halo engagement ring and princess cut engagement ring attracts the buyers always because of their beauty and elegance. Most of the women prefer these rings with a three stone setting or with a diamond entrusted strand. So, know your ladylove’s choice better, before purchasing an engagement ring for her, especially the one with a beautiful stone.