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Mar 21

Eternity Rings for Women

Eternity rings for women are quintessentially reckoned as a symbol of eternal love. It is a tangible form of promise to love someone beyond time. These rings usually signify the strong bond of an intimate relationship. The tradition of exchanging eternal rings was initiated by the Egyptians and has been around for more than 4000 years now.

Whilst in the ancient days the rings that were exchanged were simple in designs, rings today have become far more lavish, extravagant and expensive. Regardless of this fact, the motto and sentiment behind the tradition has remained the same.

Eternity rings are made of metal pieces and joined at the ends to form a circle, symbolizing that the pact of love would go on forever. Exchanging eternity rings are an endearing way to express unconditional love for someone even after years of being together.

Gifting an eternity ring to your beloved is a beautiful way to remind the person you hold dearest that they mean the world to you and that you care a lot for them.

Eternity rings for women are not ordinary rings; they are a single band that is embellished with diamonds or other precious stones around the circumference of the ring. The diamond eternity rings look extremely appealing and elegant and their radiance is sure to scintillate the love of your life.

Certain significant events in life need to be commemorated with a special memento and what better way to mark the occasion as one of the most special moments in your life than to exchange eternal rings. The most common occasions when eternity rings for women are presented are discussed below.


Eternity rings for women

Wedding is perhaps the most common occasion when eternity rings are exchanged. It is pertinent to mention that there is no other occasion in which rings have a greater sentimental value than a wedding ceremony.

During a wedding ceremony when the bride and groom exchange vows to be with each other for the rest of their life, they exchange wedding rings. The custom of gifting rings is usually associated with the man presenting a ring to his lady love.But on a wedding ceremony, both the love partners exchange rings with each other. The trend of exchanging eternity rings during a wedding has been a long prevailing social custom now.



Engagement is another occasion where in eternity rings for women take center stage. Engagement is a ceremony that precedes the wedding. The engagement is a very significant occasion for both the man and the woman because at this time they both commit and promise to each other and start preparing for their wedding.

Engagement eternity rings for women in diamond are treasured possessions and usually mark the celebration and commitment of love. With a rotating eternity band underneath the diamond on the center, these rings are designed to ensure sparkle from all sides. Nonetheless, for those with a constrained budget, women eternity rings are also available in scores of other gemstones and metals like gold and silver.

Birth of a Child

Birth of a Child

Several men present eternity rings for women to their wives to symbolize their everlasting love for each other and also to celebrate the arrival of their new bundle of joy. Childbirth sparks a gush of emotions in a couple’s life and nothing signifies this special event more aptly than an eternity ring.

While the above mentioned occasions are the most common ones when eternity rings are exchanged, these are by no means the only occasions. Eternity rings are also exchanged when two people commit to each other to maintain their friendship for eternity. Statistics suggest that girls buy and exchange eternity rings for women more than the boys.

Eternity rings for women are available in a wide plenitude designs, gemstones, metals and styles and finding one that suits your particular budget and taste is by no means a gargantuan task. The quality of timelessness and simplicity associated with eternity rings for women makes it a popular choice among-st people for a legion of occasions.