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Oct 2

Fine Diamond Engagement Rings

It is time to formalize your relationship and tie the bond of your everlasting love and how best could you celebrate it than by giving her a fine diamond engagement ring. However, if you do not know how to go about buying that unique engagement ring, we will help you!

Choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring for your fiance can be a challenging task. To ensure you get a ring that she would love, try to understand what suits her and what she likes.

Diamond engagement rings come in many shapes, styles, settings, and designs. You may select a classic diamond ring or consider a contemporary styled diamond ring. Classic diamond engagement rings refer to designs having a strong aesthetic sense in their designs. Traditionally, they include prong set classic solitaires.

Each piece of classic solitaire involves two aspects- the setting or the basket, which indicates the way in which the stone may be fixed and second, the shank. The strength of the basket is crucial for the safety of the stone. The shank refers to the body of the ring that encircles the finger. Split shanks may be combined in different metals, to create those fine diamond engagement rings that your beloved would love to flash in various styles!

"Fine Diamond Engagement Rings"

Fine Diamond Engagement Rings

Generally, classic solitaire rings highlight the beauty of the diamond and have minimal detail and design. Their prongs are minimally visible. If you are planning to buy the classic style split shank engagement rings, ensure that they not only look stylish, as their shank appear delicate, but also are strong and comfortable for the wearer.

The more contemporary styled diamond engagement rings have broader split shanks that show off the metal and give support to the ring.

Apart from the basic styles, there are many styles of split shanks in diamond rings. The knife shank is tapered towards the basket, which broadens at the back. The tapered shank, as it is called, is exactly opposite to the knife style wherein it is broader towards the basket and narrows at the back.

The flat style shanks have the same width all around and are commonly used in contemporary designs. Couples also find the split shank ring simply elegant and feminine where the band splits into two, to surround the center stone.

Your diamond ring may also have several smaller pave-set diamonds that create a stylish look and provide a more secure setting. Split shank diamond ring settings look better with the simple round; princess cut and cushions shaped diamonds due to their simplicity.

While traditionally, the fine diamond engagement rings are usually set in yellow gold, recent trends have popularized platinum and white gold. While platinum rings are costlier, palladium is fast becoming popular as it cheaper than white gold.

However, before you finalize your deal with your jeweler, satisfy yourself about the quality. Visiting an established and reputed jeweler would ensure not just the quality but would also prove useful in case of repairs.

It is going to be a new start to your life so give your fiance that perfect ring that embodies your bond of