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May 2

Get 14 K White Gold Earrings Now!

Elegant, sturdy and affordable, 14 K white gold earrings have a long-lasting luster that does not tarnish easily. In fact, it is for this very reason that 14 K gold is called ‘Duragold’. 14 karat white gold is actually an alloy containing 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of a white metal which give it the predominating silvery white luster and added durability.

The resulting alloy gives goldsmiths a superior new material to come up with a vast bevy of designs which are scratch resistant and not-so-easily tarnished. The silvery cool tone of white gold can be combined with a wide plenitude of gemstones to give stunning pieces which do not cost a fortune!

14 K white gold earrings

14 K White Gold Earrings for Everyone

Earrings are perhaps a girl’s first piece of jewelry and that naturally makes them her most favorite too. A woman could walk out of her house without a necklace or a bracelet, but earrings are something that most women have on throughout most of the day. It is thus very natural that a woman on the go would look for earrings that are affordable, no fuss and also display ample style and elegance. 14 K white gold earrings can be worn for long periods without too much of a problem and they come in such a vast variety that there’s one for everyone. Then again, just one pair would never be enough for any woman.

Various Varieties


White Gold Hoops

White gold hoops frame round and oval faces extremely well. The silvery sheen of white gold is suited to cool skin tones and transforms a face in a jiffy. Hoops of different sizes could be tried on for differing hairstyles and hair lengths. Larger hoops suit long hair while shorter hairstyles look great with smaller and broader hoops that almost grip the earlobe.


Studs in 14 K white gold can be combined with diamonds, cubic zirconia, marcasite and even pearls to create simple yet attractive earrings that can be worn to work everyday. A simple stud in white gold and diamond spells understated class. This is the pair that can be worn by every woman without ever going wrong.

Horse Shoe Earrings

14 K white gold earrings in the shape of horse shoes not only add that extra something to a girl’s look but also can keep her feeling lucky all day. This design is more contemporary and almost always demands a second look. When embellished cleverly with either gemstones or even yellow gold, the result is super striking.


Certain occasions like a fun evening out with friends or even an office party demand a look that shows you can let your hair down in style. Elegant danglers in white gold are a perfect choice for such occasions. The fancier the party, the longer the dangler can be. Again, there is no dearth of choice amongst danglers. There are single string ones to double to multiple string danglers. Danglers ending in teardrop gemstones that match an outfit look amazing and add another dimension to your personality.

No two women are alike. In fact even the same woman can take on different personalities depending upon her mood. Naturally, she manifests her moods on to her appearance by choosing what she wears. Bright colors and dangling earrings tell the story of an adventurous woman who is waiting to try new things. Black business suits with simple studs shows she means business and will not tolerate any nonsense.

So why wait to tell your story, get yourself an affordable, durable, easy to care for 14 K white gold earrings now!