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Jan 16

Gold Stud Earrings for Women for Wedding

Gold stud earrings for women can be memorable gifts that last for a long period of time. No matter whether you are gifting earrings for wedding or any other event, stud earrings are sure to bring joy on the face of the recipient.

However, choosing the right gold stud earrings require time while making an ideal choice for wedding events or for presenting someone on a special day. Stud earrings are classy; they are quite popular among most of the women. Some of the best choices are as follows.

Gold Stud Earrings with No Stones

This type of earrings is made of yellow metal without carrying any stone. Finely designed earrings with latest design elements make the earrings a perfect gift for the wedding event. Usually, folks with limited finance choose to buy this type of earrings

Since the earrings do not come with any stone, the prices are considerably low making a perfect budget friendly purchase. If the designs of the earrings are catchy, they can be very appealing to grab the attention of people.

Solitaire Gold Stud Earrings for Women

Gold stud earrings

As the name indicates, solitaire earrings come with one stone mounted in each earring. Usually, diamond is an obvious choice. Moreover, the addition of one diamond does not add up much to the cost of earrings.

However, if you have very limited budget and still wish to have a solitaire ring, consider embossing semi-precious stones which are less pricey. Similarly, you can choose a colored diamond and save money on your purchase. In this way, you will be able to have solitaire gold earrings without denting your wallet.

Two-Stone Stud Earrings

Gold stud earrings

Such an earring features two stones on each of the earrings of the set. Usually, the jewelry piece comes with one small and one big stone. Such a combination enhances the design and appearance of the earring in an appealing manner. Though a bit pricey compared to solitaire earrings, but they can be very tempting. Such an earring set is usually preferred by soon to be married brides.

However, you can minimize the cost of buying such jewelry by choosing narrow designs that consume less yellow metal and small diamonds. In this way, the final price of the earring will be lower and match your budget, even if your estimated budget is small.

Three-Stone Gold Stud Earrings

These earrings are very popular among majority of individuals; they are an obvious choice of brides. Usually, people with a sound budget go for a three stone earring set. It goes without saying that these are high end pieces that carry higher price tags. However, the design, the style as well as the stones used in making these gold stud earrings make the piece worth the price.

The best thing about three-stone earrings is they are available in a range of styles and design. You have multiple choices to buy the best one for your specific purpose. No matter the occasion or your preferences, you will certainly find the set for the said purpose.

Some of the popular designs include round cut earrings, princess cut earrings etc. Similarly, you have the option of setting the stones in a line or in a triangle position. Additionally, you can also work with a combination of white as well as colored diamonds.

Thus, there are host of choices when it comes to buying gold stud earrings for wedding event as well as for gifts. 


Picking perfect gold stud earrings for women can be tricky, but you can ease the selection process by following smart tips. Explore all possibilities with respect to stud earrings and make a prudent purchase well within the range of your budget.