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Jan 22

Gorgeous Diamond Wedding Ring Sets for Brides

Buying gorgeous diamond wedding ring sets is certainly a daunting task. Various factors have to be taken into consideration in order to ensure that you get the best band for the auspicious occasion. However, at times, it can be very handy to have access to some of the elegantly designed wedding band sets for women.

Many reputed brands have come up with a range of innovative sets for wedding occasions. Some of the popular sets include:

1. 0.35 CT Round Cut Diamonds Wedding Set

Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Composed of 0.35 CT round cut exquisite diamonds, the wedding ring set features diamonds of 1-J color and VS2-Sl1 clarity group. Finely crafted with intricate design elements, the piece makes a perfect fit for the wedding day. The regular price of the set is very high, but you can avail it a low price, if you shop at a reputed jeweler.

2. 0.65 CT Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Gift your beloved lady the luxuriant 14KT white gold wedding set finely composed with diamonds. The diamond stones rest in the ring in an elegant manner and glitter as you watch them. Let your dream lady shine with this elegant piece of band on the wedding day.

3. 1.00 CT Round Cut Diamonds Wedding Set

Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

You can also consider this option. They carry high carat weight and come with better cut and clarity as they are priced high. The 1.00 CT round cut wedding set is a special mention in this regard.

The band features exclusive diamonds of VS2-Sl1clarity and 1-J color group. Buy this shiny piece of 14KT white gold wedding set and make your wedding day a more memorable one.

4.1.20 CT Princess Cut Diamonds Wedding Set

Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

If you wish to gift a special jewelry item to your bride on the wedding day, consider buying a 1.20 CT princess cut set. Though the item is pricey, but the smile the ring set will bring on the face of your bride will be priceless

Featuring exquisite diamonds belonging to VS2-Sl1 clarity and 1-J color group, this lovely wedding band can be bought at a discounted rate from a reputed jeweler online.

5. 1.50 CT Princess Cut Diamond Band

1.50CT princess cut diamonds wedding set

This is another wedding set that carries a higher price tag. However, the cut of the diamond in this elegantly crafted piece succeeds in grabbing the attention of people on the wedding day in an effective manner.

Designers pay attention to minute details while designing this elegant wedding ring. Moreover, the high carat weight of the diamond and the quality of the metal used in making these rings are unmatchable.

The regular price of such a band is very high in the range of about $7,500-$8,000, but you can purchase the band for a low price of about $2,000 by doing some research and shopping from a noted online store.

6. 2.50 CT Round Cut Diamond Wedding Set

2.50CT round cut diamonds wedding set

The wedding band comes with diamond embossed in the ring throughout. As a result, the glitter of the ring is much higher compared to other bands. If budget is not an issue, buying a 2.50CT round cut wedding band is a great choice for the big day.

The cut, the clarity, the carat weight as well as the color group of the ring are. Featuring exclusive diamonds, the band is a gift to be remembered for life long.

Final words

Thus, there are various diamond wedding ring sets for the brides. With the availability of so many options, choosing the right one is no longer an issue. Consider the style, the preference and buy a suitable ring.