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Aug 23

Halo Engagement Ring Settings

Just waiting to speak “I do” and you are engaged then! Have you given her the engagement ring? Before you start answering the how’s and why’s, remember, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” What better way to get your engagement shines than to propose to your dream girl with a splits shank engagement ring in hand? The perfect ring for your princess that will make her radiance is a work-of-the-art halo engagement ring.

The Halo engagement ring instantly transforms the demeanor of an individual beholding or holding it. Any woman who is proposed with that the ring can never say a “no”; it will always be a “yes.” When you hear the word halo, a circular radiant, glowing ring comes to mind.

A group of small micro-pave diamonds, which enclose a larger diamond, magically reproduces this effect. The whole halo enhances the look of the middle diamond and makes it seem larger than it actually is. The unity of the surrounding smaller diamonds appears to protect the bigger middle stone. The engagement halo ring settings are available in splendid octagonal shapes, and the classic is a round setting with round diamonds.

Engagement rings split shank has become trendsetters. Earlier, it was the exclusive solitaire which was the most sought after. The recent years have proved to move that single wonder from the top spot as other designs and fashion have invaded the market. Celebrity and fashion go hand in hand and the fan following imitate the style of their role models.

"Halo Engagement Ring"

Halo Engagement Ring

As more and more superstars try out new trends, so does the public. There are many types of engagement halo rings, which have invaded the market and vie for your attention. Split Shank rings and Princess Cut engagement rings are the latest best sellers which none can resist.

If you want something more than the classic round cut experiment with the oval halo settings enclosing a round diamond. You can even search for a brilliant Princess Cut diamond. Imagine and design your favorite engagement ring to your heart’s desire. Compliment the head of the ring with a stone-studded shank for a dazzling look.

A diamond shank can say it all! To wear it for years to come, try the adjustable shank engagement ring. Create your own unique engagement ring to suit your personality and, which is custom made for that special occasion. The sky is the limit and so, let your imagination running gloriously wild.

The Split Shank engagement ring is for the contemporary person. The band connecting the crown is split, and the divided strands are often surrounded with pave set diamonds. The diamonds in the halo and the accent diamonds are all prong set providing a classic look.

The outcome is a remarkable split engagement ring that is a stunning piece of delicate art. The various cuts and designs set the passion in your soul to be a part of such extraordinary jewelry. Present this cherished gift to your loved one and let that moment stay in your mind for a lifetime.