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Sep 1

Halo Engagement Rings with Side Settings

Side settings and pave settings are the variance of the same form of setting method- the three stone setting. It features a centrally located stone that is the focus, along with either a bunch of stones around it or inset in the band of the ring. Halo engagement rings or princess cut diamond engagement rings are symbolic of the unfathomable love and devotion, and it depends on your budget you can get the perfect split engagement ring for your ladylove.

As I have stated earlier, the side setting is actually an adaptation of the three stone setting in which smaller diamonds are set either in channel settings or with prongs. There are simply endless variations and designs available regarding the halo engagement rings. Some of the designs are made to fit the urban lifestyle, while others are complete celebrations of luxury and intricately designed. But whatever it may be to choose a setting that is close you your partner’s choices and needs and not only which reflects style. Your partner must be able to wear it all along the day!

"Halo Engagement Rings with Side Settings"

Halo Engagement Rings with Side Settings

Regarding the adaptations of the engagement rings split shank, some rings hoist the centrally located larger diamond a little higher than others do so that they may be visible and more obvious. You must be aware that prongs are preferred since they do not hide any light and refract maximum, and this is the primary reason why the split shank engagement rings is bought. Again people who are more aware of the safety of the large diamond, love to have their diamond in bezel setting because they hide the diamond from external damage.

The halo engagement rings are preferred since they produce a larger appearance to the centrally located diamond, and this is the reason why it can afford to have such a wide variety. Imagine a square diamond that is flanked with smaller diamonds all around it. Not only is the creation a rare piece of art but also the classic setting of the halo diamond ring is remarkably modern. Even a sapphire in the central position gives a remarkably elegant and elite look. The diamond and sapphire combination is rising in popularity since they complement at the same time contrast each other. The appearance of the sapphire will make the ring highly decorated at the same time with the sapphire you can expect a more affordable price.

Even the flashy shapes like pear shapes and marquise, the best way to keep them in place securely is to look for a halo setting. The halo is like giving an added definition to the shape of the diamond as well as in this kind of setting the stone stays in place better. Another benefit for having a split shank engagement ring in halo setting is that the pavilion that stands ignored in most cases is brought more into focus. Therefore, halo engagement rings with side settings can create a truly ornate side view, bringing all the angles of the pavilion to focus.

So if, you just want another added effect of the classic solitaire rings, consider the halo engagement ring.