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Aug 26

Hearts on Fire Split Shank

If you want to propose your lover with the perfect diamond ring, your obvious option must be the Hearts of fire split shank engagement ring. As such, diamonds are symbolic of your love and commitment and when they are in designs like the hearts on fire, it depicts the true spirit of love in you!

As the name suggests, this design of shank engagement ring is made in the form of heart. It is most suitable for the value you look for it. Hearts on fire split shank ring is made with higher accuracy as compared to a traditional diamond engagement ring. This is the reason it emerges as an exclusive and unique piece of art. You must be aware that the rising trend is to wear larger diamonds, and if you can afford it, you must look for it.

The halo engagement rings are thus more preferred because since the smaller diamonds surround a central diamond, the impact of the larger diamond is increased. Its aura of brilliance is increased manifold, in addition to the aura of, the smaller diamonds, and this creates the same effect, as a larger diamond alone would give.

"Hearts on Fire Split Shank"

Hearts on Fire Split Shank

The hearts on fire unique engagement ring is created out of true passion for perfection. You need to know that this kind of engagement halo ring are cut out of from the best and rarest of natural diamonds that account for only one per cent of the diamonds. These diamonds are cut in such a way that they emit the best spectrum and their sparkle can be seen even from a distance.

These are cut with meticulous care and take four times as much time as the normal diamonds. You must be aware that the price of the diamond depends a lot on the cut, this is the reason you will have to pay handsomely for a split shank ring, and princess cut diamond engagement rings. The design is such that it splits natural light and makes these two kinds of diamond look radiant.

The hearts on fire diamond engagement ring is a perfect cut diamond, and when it is combined to other diamonds in pave settings, it becomes extremely elite. The choice of material is also essential for the ring. If you can afford a platinum or titanium, then it is best because the diamonds are offered a better base with titanium and platinum because they are dull in their appearance.

However, many people want to buy engagement rings split shank in gold too. Various kinds of gold are available like white, rose and yellow gold and all of them look extremely elegant when attached to an engagement halo ring.

If you fancy some solitaire that is not part of the mass, but a class in itself, you must look for the halo engagement ring. Imagine this one-carat fancy cut diamond on your fingers or wrist, it is unique, rare, and it is the coveted! Enjoy every spark of ray the diamond cut in hundred times magnification emits.