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Jun 19

How Often Should You Clean Your Diamond Jewelry

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Most of us own jewelry, and of those of us that do, more often than not there’s a diamond piece (or three if you’re lucky) to be found nestling among the jewelry box. Unfortunately, time and use will dull a diamond and, however beautiful and hard wearing that they are, they still require cleaning now and again. This article also applies to those that are looking to purchase a new piece, such as a diamond bracelet or a diamond engagement ring.

How often you need to clean each piece depends (literally) on the wear and tear and level of use. Will the diamond ring be worn all day, every day, or is it a pair of stud earrings that will only be worn occasionally? If it’s something that’s going to be worn on a daily basis, then the right answer is that you should be looking to clean it whenever it starts to look as though it’s lost its shine and become dull-looking in appearance.

A lackluster diamond is one that’s become tarnished with microscopic particles of oil, dust and other miniscule sized flecks of debris. Most times a gentle buff with a soft cloth (a lint free one) should suffice. However a deeper clean may sometimes be required, and this is when you need to exercise caution. Over-cleaning a diamond can be just as damaging as leaving it tarnished and tainted, so do bear that in mind.

Deep cleaning requires that you use a mild-detergent or a diluted ammonia solution, and can also involve soaking the piece, plus some light scrubbing with a small, soft brush. All of this can be performed in the home but you do need to know several things before you attempt a DIY clean:

  • how well mounted is the diamond?
  • can you subject the metal to the cleaning solution?

If you’re unsure of the above, you’re better advised to have your diamond jewelry cleaned by professionals, otherwise you really could do more harm than good. In the event that you decide to have your ring professionally cleaned, make sure that they’re fully aware of your expectations, and if the piece has been previously cleaned, when and how.