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Oct 16

How to Buy Diamond Engagement ring

Proposing with a ring is an age-old tradition but proposing with a diamond engagement ring is surely in vogue! Nowadays as, the internet shrinks the world in our room, it has become increasingly easy and affordable to shop for diamonds. Those who are avid shopper like me enjoy shopping on the net because the net gives access to a limitless market. No shop hopping, no limitation of market- what more can an avid shopper wants!

As you are planning for how to buy diamond engagement ring, the size of the diamond does not actually matter. To explain it to you, say, for example, a one-carat diamond in flawless variety and in VSA clarity and equal in size; but whereas the former may cost you forty thousand dollars, the later may cost you only four thousand dollars.

Therefore, you need to decide upon your preferences and budget first before shopping for the diamond jewelry. Remember that the clarity and cut are two of the most essential aspects of a diamond.

"How to Buy Diamond Engagement ring"

How to Buy Diamond Engagement ring

If you want to judge the efficacy of my statement, hold a princess cut diamond and a cubic zirconium. Both look similar, but as soon as a ray of light enters the diamond it looks brilliant, where as the cubic zircon does not sparkle. The other two aspects of the diamond are the carat and color, and whereas a colorless diamond engagement ring may be extremely costly, those near colorless are remarkably affordable.

Your lover is the best inspiration behind your unique diamond engagement ring. For example, I simply love the idea of a trendy engagement ring. I fancy those worn by the celebs whereas my friend likes a split shank or solitaire ring.

So depending on your lover’s preferences choose the ring. Of course, take consideration of her lifestyle because that way it will be easier to keep it on always. You can even create a memorable halo engagement ring with her birthstone. The birthstone in the center will be haloed with smaller diamonds.

While looking for the best answer for how to buy diamond engagement ring remember to surf the web and all the available sites but deal with only the ones that you are sure of. The reason for this is that online shopping has its own share of complications.

I will even advice you to buy loose diamonds and then get them set in metallic rings. This is cheaper as well as gives you a chance to explore your own creative recesses. Apart from this, have insurance done on your stone and checked for the certificates attached to it. Insurance will cover the theft of your diamond but will not cover loss or damage.

The return policy is also extremely essential for online shopping. Check the diamond engagement ring before you invest because if there is a need for exchange then you may be in trouble. You must also ask if they will refund in case a third party is able to give a better price than this jeweler is.

It is extreme fun shopping for the unique engagement ring or split shank and the sentimental value is as brilliant as the sparkle of your diamond.