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Oct 18

How to Clean Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry has always been fascinating and attractive for women to wear and men to present! When we buy that sparkling ring at a fancy store under yellow light, glittering is all we are able to see. It is tantalizing and fascinating to see that engagement halo ring placed at the counter and all you want to do is to wear it on your finger.

Through all of this; however, we do not think of the afterthought and maintenance of your unique engagement rings. You think that if you get that ring now, you can worry about the rest later. However, that is one of the first things; you need to find out while making that purchase.

Whether it is a split shank ring, or a princess cut diamond or any other unique engagement ring, you need to know how to take care of it once it leaves the showroom. Because while it’s under all those lights and at the showroom and the clean air-conditioned surrounding it isn’t your problem, but the second it leaves the showroom it becomes your job, and you need to be the sole care taker of that ring. So essentially, you will need to know how to clean diamond jewelry.

Moreover, you need to remember that, in this world, grime and pollution are no strangers. Princess cut diamond rings, split shank rings and halo engagement rings are their first victim. With make-up, housework, and cleaning up, a film of dirt is retained on the coating of your diamond ring.

Just because, a diamond is one of the hardest rocks, it does not mean you need to be relentless in your cleaning. The softer cleaning method you use, the more your diamond ring will sparkle. Remember, the time intervals between the cleaning of your diamond jewelry should be short in order to prevent dust from accumulating.

"How to Clean Diamond Jewelry"

How to Clean Diamond Jewelry

Here, are a few tips on how to clean diamond jewelry:

One of the best ways to clean your engagement ring shank is to keep it in lukewarm water, in an airtight container. Keep it in there for a couple of days and automatically see the dirt drain out.

However, if this does not suffice another tip on how to clean diamond jewelry is to use mild liquid detergent and water. Any brand will do, as it is easily dissolvable in lukewarm warm.

Later, use a soft thistle brush to clean the surface. The key word here is ‘soft’ as a coarse brush can scratch the metal setting of the ring. The brush is used in cases of engagement halo rings where dirt can be collected around the center diamond or in the diamond shanks.

Dip the ring back into the water with detergent and then run lukewarm water over it. Make sure you keep the drain in the sink closed because you never know when it may fall from your hands and fall right through. Moreover, you certainly do not want that happening.

After all, of this, you need to wipe your brilliant diamond engagement ring with a lint-free cloth, something that resembles the cloth provided to clean your spectacles with.

Use these tips and your unique engagement ring will remain unique and shining!