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Apr 8

How to clean Platinum Diamond Ring

It is quite very disappointing to see no useful results online when you search for how to clean platinum diamond ring from the side of a person who has a valuable platinum diamond ring. This question would come in the mind of anyone who is in possession of such a valuable piece of jewelry. But lucky for you, we have answers for you right here.

platinum diamond ring

Making the perfect jewelry is all up to the skill of the goldsmith and a lot of assurance on this aspect is guaranteed by the credibility of the store from where you buy such valuables. But maintaining its value is a thing that its users have to take care of. You simply cannot afford to miss out on its cleaning and maintenance factor.

If you are unaware of how to clean it, then you should probably search as many places as you can to get tips on how to clean platinum diamond ring. It is important for you to undertake cleaning options that are indeed safe to be carried out on jewelry such as a platinum diamond ring or chain.

Platinum as we all know is a very precious metal and in fact it is more preferred as a jewelry item than even gold because of the shimmering and glistening appeal that platinum based jewelry has to offer. When you mix it with diamond, the combination becomes one a kind. Hence jewelry made of diamond along with platinum is in much demand today.

Platinum offers incredible levels of sturdiness and hence it is the primary reason for it being accepted globally as a premium metal. So now to the cleaning part! Our objective was to explain to you on how to clean platinum diamond ring.

Tips on How to Clean Platinum Diamond Ring

platinum diamond ring

Well the best idea to maintain a valuable object such as a platinum diamond ring is to follow the cleaning process listed further down, every month or at least every 2 months. Because without regular cleaning, too much dirt and stain might accumulate on the ornament and could render it passive to further cleaning attempts.

So now that you are aware of the best tips on how to make your cleaning activities the most effective, it is time to see what exactly are those cleaning activities. It is quite simple and almost anyone can accomplish the task without any big deal.

How to Clean the Ring:

- You have to first of all heat a bowl with 2 cups of water and make it boil. Then you need to add two teaspoons of ammonia to it and leave the mixture to boil for some more time. Then using a tong, place the platinum diamond ring in the simmering water. Leave it as such for 10 minutes.

- Then take it out and slowly brush it using a toothbrush for about 5 minutes and then put it back in the boiling ammonia-water mixture.

- After around 5 minutes, remove the ring from the hot water and then you need to make sure that it is rinsed with clean water so as to remove the ammonia leftovers.

- Wipe it with a dry cloth or tissue and let it dry under the fan.

Your platinum diamond ring will look as fresh as new and that is something any owner would love to see from such valuable objects in his or her collection. On the whole the process of cleaning is easy and you only need to get some high quality ammonia to be used in the process. However you can easily get it from any chemical shop.

So now that you have learnt how to clean platinum diamond ring, it is up to you to ensure that the ornament does not lose its value to any extent.