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Apr 3

How to Get 18K White Gold Ring Today!

One item you can gift your loved one on a Valentine’s Day outing or on your wedding anniversary is an 18k White Gold Ring. Wonder why? Well it simply is more brilliant in looks as well as having incredibly high resistance to scratches.

Durability of such rings have been proven to be quite amazing and this could possibly be the reason why international markets are experiencing a huge demand for White Gold.

What should you know before buying an 18k White Gold ring today?

18k white gold ring

Before buying an 18k White Gold ring today, you need to be well aware of what exactly white gold is and how to get the best quality white gold ornaments without getting cheated.

So if you are not aware of what the white gold in an 18 K White Gold Ring is all about, well here is a pretty good explanation for that.

The Composition

White gold is a mixture of pure gold along with metals such as silver and palladium. The reason for it being named as White Gold is that it appears to be whiter than pure gold in its texture unlike natural gold which has more of a yellowish shade.There are different measurements for white gold such as 18k, 14k, 9k, etc. 18k implies that the ornament has 75 per cent gold and the remaining 25 percent consists of metals like silver and palladium.

How it is different

The properties of White gold are different from that you happen to see in normal gold. If you examine an 18K White Gold Ring and an 18 K normal gold ring, you will see that the one made with white gold will have better durability and scratch resistance than the one made with normal gold. Also from the making and moulding side, White gold makes it easier for Goldsmiths to mould the material as it is lightweight and more flexible.

As such it is perfect for being crafted into wedding ornaments, anniversary and surprise gift ornaments such as the ring we mentioned initially and so on. Being lightweight, the ornaments made from them will be much more comfortable to wear and maintaining them is not a big task as well. All you need at your disposal to clean any ornament made with white gold is a piece of lint-free cloth, a pinch of ammonia and any soap that is mild in nature.

Where to buy

Make sure you buy an 18k ornament be it a ring or chain or bracelet because it is the best quality white gold available today. Also it is important to verify the claim of purity and quality made by the store owner from whom you buy the ornament. Just ask for ornaments with international quality standards imprinted on them so that you can be assured of its quality adherence.

Things to note

Some things you need to note while using an 18k White Gold Ring is that you should not wear it while swimming in a hot tub or swimming pool where the quantity of chlorine is higher. The reason is because chlorine can cause effects such as discoloration, fading, pitting etc on white gold which is not at all in the interests of users.

People who have high allergic reactions to metallic substances could also face irritations while using ornaments made of white gold as the metallic alloys present in white gold can lead to unwanted reactions on your skin if you are genetically allergic.

Quality speaks for itself

As always make sure you buy the best quality 18k ornaments if you have preferences for white gold and that too from an established jewelry so that you are not cheated. So the next time you plan to gift something valuable to your sweetheart, an 18k White Gold ring should definitely be on your top 5 choices for the gift.