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Jul 21

I Want Angelina’s Rock – And Why Not?

Category: blog

You do? Do you have the budget to match hers? Is your partner as generous as Brad Pitt? No? Oh. Then that’s why not.

Just kidding. You can have Angelina’s engagement ring, just not the same one. You’ve got to go out and find your own. A replica, something that matches your intended’s pocket (rather that the Jolie-Pitt one), and your personal taste.

Angelina’s ring is a thing of great beauty, and was designed by way of a cooperative effort between Brad Pitt and world renowned jeweler Robert Procop. It’s highly likely that Procop was the bigger driving force but no doubt Brad had his own ideas of what would suit his bride-to-be, and wanted a close reflection of his vision.

What Angelina ended up with was a diamond of epic proportions, a table-cut rock the length of most peoples pinky fingernails. The cut of the diamond in itself is insightful, as the table-cut is an age-old design, one that was used simply because the tools of the time dictated that diamond cutting was less complicated. Cutting diamonds is an intricate business, and even with modern tools there’s still a lot of effort and skill involved.

Happily, over the years, cutting and shaping diamonds has grown ever more complicated, and perhaps the table-cut was chosen to symbolize the couple’s relationship. Both are unique characters, even in the world of showbiz, and their relationship, despite being played out by the media, is viewed as being strong and centered around their love for one another and their growing family.

A table-cut diamond is unusual, most that are around tend to be antique, shaped many, many years ago. They’re different, simply yet beautiful, and exemplify strength and longevity. If you remain committed to owning the same style and shape, perhaps you also feel the need to be that little bit different. And why not? She’s a beautiful woman, envied and adored by her many fans around the world.

Maybe owning a similar diamond rings to hers, or other rich and famous individuals, makes us feel just that little bit more special. Or perhaps you just want whatever Angelina gets. Whilst we can suggest the diamond that will match your aspirations, one thing’s for sure..we can’t point you in the direction of a Brad Pitt look-a-like.

In the event that you are looking for something similar, we’d go with an emerald cut diamond, as the shape is very close, plus the added facets make them a lot more light-reactive. The emerald cut diamond is a fabulous choice for an engagement ring, equally it works superbly well with bridal sets. Sparkle in your own right, with an Angelina-esque sparkler of your own.