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Nov 15

Is your Engagement Ring a Wedding Band?

Engagement and wedding are two extremely festive occasions in life in the first she is asked if she would like to be with her beau forever, and in the second they take their vows to be with each other at all times. The wedding has also a legal connotation, and from then on, they will be called ‘man and wife’. The occasions are both filled with joy and are noble.

In these two occasions, the wedding rings have a specific place. The ring is symbolic of true eternity, their bond, and unfailing love for years to come. Women dream of being proposed by their knight in shining armor with a brilliant diamond wedding ring. For the special occasions as these, you need the perfect ring for her. Now, obviously you will wish to live up to her expectations! So do not go for anything ordinary among engagement wedding rings.

However, the grave question is where to look for the ideal ring? Online jewelry stores are in vogue, and they are extremely lucrative since they give you rates of discount that are impossible for the brick-n-mortar shops. Additionally with the online portals, you have scope to surf for the best piece in the market because the world of the internet is unfathomable. From the convenience of your home, you ought to choose that wedding ring which is most suitable for her.

"Is your Engagement Ring a Wedding Band?"

Is your Engagement Ring a Wedding Band?

Regarding the kind of rings there are solitaire rings that are sleek and elegant, then there are the halo engagement rings that have a centrally located bigger diamond being flanked by other diamonds, princess cut diamond engagement rings and lastly the split shank diamond engagement ring. In the split shank, the metallic part of the ring has two or three splits that almost give the diamond an appearance of being floating on the fingers.

Is your engagement ring a wedding band? Well many people simply ignore this question because people go for any kind they like. Even it is extremely tough to demarcate a truly wedding band and an engagement ring. Therefore, the question-‘is your engagement ring a wedding band’-cannot be suitably answered. However, nowadays people are going for matching engagement rings and wedding bands.

sApart from being matching, they also offer better discounts when bought all at once. So in case you are planning to propose your beau with a split shank ring, then buy all the three rings together. However, since the question- is your engagement ring a wedding band- has arisen, I will tell you that the engagement rings can be any kind, but the wedding bands are usually in the form of bands.

Regarding the choice of metal for the engagement ring shanks, I need to tell you that there are various metals at your disposal. Titanium and platinum are the best choices, but they are costly and rather affordable choice is palladium, not because it is cheaper (which it is not), but because it has a lower specific gravity that allows it weigh less. White gold or silver is also highly suitable for the split shanks or engagement rings princess cut.