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Jun 26

Keep Your Jewelry Safe When Traveling

Category: blog

We all travel, we all like to get away, and travel, like anything else, involves risk. The risk that we’re going to talk about is the one that involves you and your jewelry parting ways. Unfortunately statistics suggest that you’re more likely to lose your beautiful princess cut wedding band whilst you’re in transit, than you are when you’re back at home, doing what we all do on a day-to-day basis.

Travel means that you sometimes pass your possessions into the safe-keeping of others (when flying for e.g.) , or that your chosen mode of transport presents more risks when it comes to safely storing valuable items, such as when you drive to your destination, or you take a road trip. How then do you protect your jewelry from either being lost or stolen whilst traveling?

Keep Your Valuables Close

The single biggest way to prevent loss of jewelry whilst you’re on a journey is to keep your valuable as close to your person as possible. Store items inside a purse, wrap them up inside of a sock, then place the sock inside of a shoe. The best place to store your diamond earrings is in your ears but in case you don’t wish to wear them whilst you’re on the move, place them safely withing your makeup case or bag.

The onus is on being sensible, on employing a good dose of common sense. Concealment is the key, with careful concealment being the secret sauce. Don’t hide your jewelry somewhere that heightens the risk of its loss, such as your luggage. We’ve all heard the horror stories that are attached to lost luggage. Many a traveler has a nightmare to tell, about the time that they arrived at their destination but their luggage never did.

We all know someone that’s experienced the trauma of finding that they’re 3000 miles from home with nothing belonging them apart from what they were wearing when they set off. – which is why you should never store your jewelry inside your larger luggage. Keep valuables in your hand luggage, if for no other reason than you know that your one of a kind custom rings are right by your side, and not left to the mercy of the luggage handlers or exposed to the public carousel.

Another thing to consider is this: what do you want to take and why. You’re more likely to be attacked in some countries, and some destinations are home to residents that prey on travelers simply because they view them as easy targets. That and the fact that some countries are so poor that anyone from overseas is considered to be wealthy, therefore they’re more than fair game.

In a nutshell don’t flaunt your jewelry, whether or not you’re traveling or you’ve already arrived at your destination. For some, an eye-catching emerald cut diamond that’s hanging around your neck on a platinum chain is way to tempting to ignore. Exposing yourself and your jewelry in such a fashion is highly unnecessary. The easiest way to keep your jewelry safe is to leave it safely locked away back at home.