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Mar 9

Large Gemstone Rings to Choose From

It is no secret that rings are the girl’s best friend. Women of all ages love to wear rings. Due to the growing popularity of bands among women, many jewelers have come up with innovative styles and designs to choose from. However, large gemstone rings are increasingly becoming popular as the preferred choice of many women.

These rings feature a big gemstone which serves as the main focal point of attraction. The large sized stone resting on the band succeeds in drawing the attention of any passerby. This is the prime reason why many women love to wear such a band for any occasion, or event. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, many ladies can be seen wearing large gemstone rings of varying types.

Large gemstone bands are available at many online offline stores. Hence, picking a suitable one is not an issue. Some of the popular gemstone rings are as follows. 

Diamond based large gemstone rings

large gemstone rings

Diamond is the obvious choice as gemstone for any rings, no matter the occasion. The sheen and radiance of a bigger sized diamond certainly succeeds in delivering a glittering and sparkling look on any occasion.

However, diamond based bands are an expensive proposition. Moreover, a large sized diamond is much more expensive. Hence, such rings are mostly worn by celebrities and rich class people.

Large gemstone rings with ruby stones


Though diamond is a popular choice of many individuals, but the modern trend is fast changing towards ruby as the primary gemstone in rings that come with larger gemstones. Such rings can be found in varying sizes, shapes and designs to fit your needs.

Moreover, ruby stone allows you to wear something new and unique other than diamond based rings. All you have to do is pick the right sized gemstone to attain the desired look.

Large gemstone rings with sapphire


This is another appealing alternative to diamond based bands. The blue sapphire gifted by Prince Charles to Princess Diana is a good example of such a band.  These bands are a perfect fit for all types of events and occasions.

Like diamond rings, sapphire rings are expensive and mostly worn by celebrities and famous personalities. Such rings are a perfect option to show your love in a unique way.

Affordable blue topaz rings


These rings are a perfect fit as a large gemstone ring for people who have limited budget. There is no need to break the bank to buy these bands. They do not cost much. With its distinct and striking color, a blue topaz ring is a perfect choice for your beloved lady to stand apart even in a crowded place.

There is a wide range of selection of blue topaz rings that come with a big gemstone engraved within. As a result, finding an affordable ring with the right style and cut is not at all impossible. All you need to do is surf through the wide variety to get the ring of your choice that fits your significant other. 


The availability of a wide range of large gemstone rings make it easy for you to choose a versatile ring that fits for all occasions and events. While gifting large gemstone rings, it is better to choose specific stones. For instance, garnet is perfect for the month of January, amethyst for February and so on.

Depending upon your personal traits, choose a large gemstone band. Let the world stare at your band enviously as you move along with pride.