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Feb 2

Learn All About Solitaire Rings Price

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The solitaire ring is perhaps the most popular of ring types because of its classic characteristics and timeless beauty. The distinctive features of the solitaire ring has through time, been transformed in creative craftsmanship and has attracted many a woman.

Solitaire rings are a remarkable choice, but the price of these rings varies with the distinctive features and characteristics of the ring and the stone chosen to adorn it. There are a number of factors that determine the price of a solitaire ring like the stone, cut, size, carat, color, additional accents, metal band and type of setting.

solitaire ring

1. Stone:

The stone used in the ring is the most important aspects of solitaire rings price. Most commonly the stones chosen by the women are sparkling diamonds. These precious stones are quite expensive and more so for a solitaire setting.

Diamonds have always been the classic choice for this type of ring, but when a diamond is used, the price would definitely be high.

Gemstones, however, can make a suitable and just as exquisite replacement for costly diamonds and cost many times lesser in comparison. Gemstones like rubies, emeralds, topaz and sapphires are being used these days.


2. Cut:

An important factor of the 4 C’s, the cut also plays a role in the price of the solitaire ring. There are a number of fancy diamond cuts that people go in for. The fancy cuts include round, princess, emerald, asscher, marquise, radiant, oval, pear, heart and cushion.

According to the type of cut, the price definitely varies. Every cut has a distinct number of facets. More the number of facets, more would the price of the solitaire ring be.


3. Size and Carat:

It is important to get the right size for the ring. The stones with a higher carat would obviously cost more than the stones with smaller carat. Diamonds with higher carats are quite difficult to kind, therefore, if such stones with high carats are chosen; the price of the solitaire ring would be quite elevated.

In comparison, gemstones with the same size and weight can cost lesser for a solitaire ring and perhaps be a better choice for those who wish for cheaper rings.


4. Color:

The best diamonds are those that have the colorless property. There is a range of color codes for diamonds and other gemstones. Each type of stone has its own range of colors.

For diamonds, the color codes range from D to Z, where D denotes the colorless stones and Z denotes those with a ting of yellow. The solitaire rings price increases while choosing stones from Z to D.


5. Clarity:

Another important aspect from the 4C’s is clarity. The maximum grade that a diamond or other gemstones can have is the flawless grade. Depending on how the stone is graded in terms of blemishes being present, the price of the stone varies. The highest and the costliest being the flawless diamonds and gemstones.


6. Additional Accents:

Sometimes people try to opt for more than just a single stone at the center of the ring. Additional accents like tiny gemstones or diamonds are fixed around the larger stone in order to accentuate the stone’s beauty. This, however, plays a part in the pricing of the solitaire ring as well. More accents added, more would be the price.


7. Metal Band and Type of Setting:

The metal band chosen are most commonly white or yellow gold and platinum, the latter being more expensive. Furthermore, the setting which holds the gemstone in place also determines the price. There are quite a few types of settings like four prongs and six prong settings, each with its distinctive feature and pricing.