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Apr 15

Looking for 1 Carat Diamond Ring Price?

1 Carat Diamond Ring Price

If you are a prospective customer looking for a 1 Carat Diamond Ring price, then you need to be aware of a lot of things before making a purchasing decision. Firstly you should have an idea of what the term Carat exactly means. It is essential to understand what follows up in this post.

So what exactly is the role of the 1 Carat in the 1 Carat Diamond Ring Price?

1 Carat Diamond Ring Price

The answer to that question is a little confusing but you can figure it out by reading twice. The Carat value is what that determines the market value of any precious metal. The lesser the Carat scale value, lesser will be the market value for that metal ornament. For example an 18 Carat diamond ring would have a lesser price tag as compared to a 24 Carat diamond ring.

So where does the 1 carat Diamond Ring stand in terms of pricing?

As evident from its lower carat rating, it is way cheaper than normal diamonds you get in the market today. Hence it is the preferred buying option in the diamonds category for a large number of budget conscious customers. You will probably hear from store executives that one of the biggest enquiries they receive daily is regarding the 1 Carat Diamond Ring Price.

Carat is a measurement that has direct relation to the weight of the diamond. Hence lower the carat value, lighter will be the metal. This is why you can see a number of light weight diamond jewelry that has lower carat value specifications. Of course you have the other 3 C’s of the Big Four C’s to add to the pricing other than Carat. They are Clarity, Color and Cut.

Depending on other factors, a 1 Carat Diamond Ring price could range anywhere between $3000 and $20000. You can always opt for something in the middle price range as it would offer reasonably high quality materials and will offer you with great resale value as well.

Miscellaneous factors deciding price

1 Carat Diamond Ring Price

Another important factor that plays a part in deciding the final price of a diamond ornament is the setting i.e. the setting that enables the diamond to be fastened to the ring or chain or whatever ornament you are planning to buy. Prong, Pave, Bezel, etc are some examples of popular settings in diamond jewelry.

Size does matter in terms of deciding diamond prices as larger the diamond is, greater will be the price tag. But large always does not imply quality. You need to assure yourself of its quality as well.

A 1 carat diamond ring can indeed become a Man’s best friend as it is more affordable for him. A surprise valentine’s day or Anniversary day gift can be made to your girlfriend or wife by buying them a 1 Carat diamond ring. But you need to be very much informed about how these carat ratings work lest you become cheated from clever professionals in stores.

To avoid store based cheating experiences, you can purchase such valuables from well established stores in your city or you can even buy online from trusted websites dealing with gold and diamond jewelry. Once you have the knowledge to tell the value of diamonds on your own, then it will hardly be a problem to realize whether the store is being honest with you or not.

So when you are that confident in buying from a particular source, then use your knowledge about the product and choose wisely. Getting the correct 1 Carat Diamond Ring price is not a difficult proposition today and this would surely be of great help for you to buy something for that someone special.