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Jun 28

Popular Engagement Ring Styles

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It’s difficult choosing the right engagement ring as there are so many styles, shapes and sizes that it’s no wonder that most people end up spoiled for choice. To help you choose the right one, we’re going to look at three different designs, and share what we know about each one.

Buying the perfect ring should be a happy event, not one clouded by indecision and wondering whether you’re going to buy the right one, the wrong one, or something in between.

The Solitaire

A classic style, and one that’s instantly recognizable on any woman’s hand. Beautifully proportioned, the shank and shoulder design perfectly compliment the single diamond, which is almost always a round cut (or ‘brilliant’) shape.

Cost wise you can expect to pay anything from a fairly low to an incredibly high price tag. Much depends upon the cut of the diamond, the carat and so on, plus the metal is also an important factor. It goes without saying that there’s a vast disparity between silver and gold, and the same again between gold and platinum.

Big On Bling

If money is no object then why not opt for a huge rock that not only stands out – it’s a total knock-out? All diamonds are graded by weight, and the weight itself is based upon a diamond’s carat, color, cut and clarity, which are otherwise known as the Four C’s.

Diamonds are a naturally occurring stone, and due to the fact that they’re formed over a long period of time, they’re all given to possessing inclusions (diamond-speak for defects). During the processing of the stones, they’re expertly cut and graded.

Buying a diamond that’s big on size and just as big on quality will more than suit a woman that loves anything that’s big, bold and beautiful.

Three Stone Rings

Consider a three stone ring if you’ve got the cash but don’t like the flash that goes along with the previous style of ring. A three stone set-up will still deliver an air of quality and quantity, yet at the same time it will look elegant and classy, and not nearly so ‘look-at-me’ as an engagement ring that’s got more rock in it than Eddie Van Halen.

You can also opt for a ring that features three equal sized diamonds (in every way) or choose a ring with a larger central stone, with a pair of smaller diamonds set on either side. Set onto a platinum ring, the effect is understated yet alluring.

Of course any of the above three engagement ring styles can come in such an array of combinations that it’s near impossible to determine (for us) which one will best suit your needs. However they’re all popular styles and couples with both large and small budgets don’t appear to let the style put them off.

Mix the quality of stone with the choice of metal, or make the ring all about the diamond, the choice is yours.