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Nov 12
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It’s a bit scary, isn’t it?

Purchasing an expensive item like a diamond engagement ring online can be nerve wracking.  What if the ring you buy’s nothing like the one on the web site?  Or it’s damaged, or just not right?

Well, that’s what happened to us.  We checked out a site called so we could make an informed decision about buying our wedding rings.   They take a photo of every ring just before shipping so you can see with your own eyes what the quality of the diamonds are really like.

We Have a Problem…

After that, we did our due diligence – we compared prices and the quality of diamonds, and learned about those things that show how valuable the ring is.  Because even though they’ve got really decent prices, it’s still a lot of money.  And it’s MY money!

And when the ring arrived there was a problem with it – nothing major, but it wasn’t right.  So we got on the phone with Primestyle Customer Service right away and they walked us through how to return it for repairs.  They even offered a full refund, but we really loved the ring so decided to have it fixed instead.

…And Now It’s Fixed

Less than a week later the ring was back to us, just the way we wanted it.  They had fixed it with no hassles, so in the end we felt pretty good about the whole thing.  Mistakes happen; it’s what you do about them that counts, right?