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Mar 19

Quality Diamond Studs Earrings to Get Your Hands On

Diamond studs earrings are a fashion statement. They represent charm, elegance, and simplicity. Every woman wants to own a pair of these earrings some for owning jewelry and others for fashion and love for diamond accessories. Whatever the reason be, diamond studs earrings are here to stay for long. You too should get your hands on a high quality pair of this jewelry item.

But before you make a purchase, what’s important is the knowledge of cuts. Cuts give diamonds the brilliance they require and let the light pass through the stone. It enters from the top and then disperses. Therefore, it is said that the brilliance and scintillation depends on how properly a diamond is cut.

Besides that, you also have to consider the other 4 Cs– color, clarity, and the carat.Once all these four Cs are taken into account, order your favorite studs earrings from a reputed store and get them delivered at home.

To help you in your search for quality stud earrings, we listed a few combinations of suitable metals, diamond cut, quality, and of course the design and shape that you can try.

Princess Cut with Platinum/White Gold

diamond studs earrings                 

Princess cut jewelry is one of the most popular jewelry in the United States and around the world.The shape of the stone is based on the square and carries a beautiful sparkle. It looks much like a pyramid and is best suitable for items such as engagement rings and earrings.

In the image below, you can princess cut diamond decorated on 14KT white gold.The combination is lovely. However, you can further enhance the quality by improving the quality of the white gold by upgrading it to 18KT, and even by using platinum instead.

Irrespective of what combination you choose, you’re sure to make a great deal. If this suits your personality,then check the modern designs available and go for it.

Emerald Cut with Yellow Gold

diamond studs earrings

Emerald cut is apparently one of the most desired types of jewelry. It looks a symmetrical and rectangular, and can easily grab the eyeballs of any observer.Those who know of the 4 Cs understand how this cut has its own place in the market. It is mostly used for engagement rings, pendants, earrings, and other jewelry items like wedding sets.

When set properly on a metal– platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or even silver for that matter,it truly looks a class apart.The below image is of emerald cut diamond studs earrings in yellow gold. The gold is 14KT. But you can go for a higher grade of 18KT.

Round Cut with White Gold

diamond studs earrings

Round cut is a traditionally famous shape.Every other shape besides this is called a “fancy shape.” It’s been used in jewelry for centuries and it still continues to mesmerize people with its sheer brilliance and elegance.Though popular for rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, etc., this cut is used irrespective of the ornament you’re making.

As far as diamond studs earrings are concerned,these gemstones fit perfectly in white gold or platinum.Like in the image below, you can go for the same design and metal as well. This combination might cost you anywhere between $300 and $1,500. Or with slight changes in the design and minute changes here and there, the cost may slightly fluctuate.


Get your hands on quality diamond studs earrings using the combinations we discussed here! If not these, you can also ask a reputed jeweler to suggest you other options. Once you’re sure what to buy, add them to your jewelry box at the earliest.