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Apr 5

Should You Go for an 14K Gold Ring?

For the woman who looks forward to show off in front of her neighbors, a perfect accessory would be a 14k Gold Ring. But you simply cannot walk into a store and buy one as you need to be aware of what exactly it has to offer in terms of quality and value.

What does the 14k in a 14k Gold Ring Mean?

14k gold ring

14k as you know represents 14 Karat. Data like 14k, 18k, 24k, etc are meant to notify users or potential customers about the amount or percentage of gold that is supposed to be contained in the ornament.

In order to ascertain the exact percentage of Gold in an ornament, you need to only divide the Karat number by 24 and multiply the result by 100. 24K represents 100 % pure gold and hence 14k would mean ((14/24)*100) = 58.33 percentage of gold and the rest would be made up of materials other than gold.

What Makes up the Rest?

So what makes up the rest of the composition i.e. the remaining 42 percentage or so of a 14k Gold Ring? Well the answer is metals and metallic alloys like palladium, copper, zinc, nickel, etc. It all depends upon the requirement of the jewelry. Properties such as texture, color, durability, lustre, etc determine how the composition is to be planned.

How it Differs from Pure Gold?

If you own a 14k Gold Ring now, then examining it closely and comparing it with a 24k gold ring will definitely reveal some exciting facts. A 24k gold ring would be very weak in its tensile strength and you can easily bend or twist it without much effort as pure gold is not very strong. However the metallic constituents found in 14k gold jewelry impart a high degree of strength in terms of tensile resistance. You can feel the hardness in the 14k ornament with your bare hands.

Texture wise, a ring made of 14k gold will have greater luster than pure gold because of the added metallic contents and hence will look more attractive than the ring made of pure gold. However you should be aware of imposters and fake jewelry stores these days as they are in plenty.

Beware of Fake Deals

14k gold ring 1

You could be cheated with low quality 14k gold ornaments like rings which have lesser percentage of gold than what that is internationally stipulated. You will not be able to identify it unless you take it to an expert goldsmith or professional gold merchant who has the necessary expertise and tools to carry out the quality analysis of gold and determine its true composition.

Gold with a higher percentage of copper can turn out to be more lustrous than 14k gold and hence you could be fooled by them easily as any layman would obviously pick the shinier variant without inspecting their quality. So it is necessary to ensure that you buy jewelry only from a well recognized store.

Buy from Trusted Stores

Jewelry made of gold, diamond and other precious metals often cost a fortune and nobody would want to be cheated of such a huge amount of money. Now that you know the exact percentage of gold in a 14k Gold ring, you need to make sure that the one you buy has been tested and proven to have that composition right before your eyes.

You can also buy such ornaments from various online stores as well but there also you need to verify their history of sales to ensure that you are not cheated. Check with your friends and relatives as well as your peers to see whether anyone has bought jewelry from such sites and if you find someone who has, then examine the quality of gold they have received.

So it is not such a bad decision to buy a 14k gold ring for your loved one, but the only thing you need to be aware of is the right place to get it.