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Apr 25

Small Diamond Cross Necklace for Luck!

A small diamond cross necklace is a valuable accessory that makes multitudinous statements in one go. Though cross necklaces have been worn by Christian men and women from ancient times, it has been deemed as a fashion statement only recently.Also, celebrities like Britney Spears and Heidi Klum have been recently seen sporting exquisitely carved cross necklaces creating a sudden spurt in demand for such accessories amongst the fashion conscious.

small diamond cross necklace

Albeit, a cross necklace can be worn by both men and women but there are a few differences.  A cross pendant for a man would be more simple and made of materials such as steel, gold or white gold with very few embellishments. Nonetheless, a few diamond highlights can be given to an otherwise simple solid cross pendant for men. Cross pendants for women boast of a stupendous variety in terms of material, design and embellishments with gemstones.

Why wear a Small Diamond Cross Necklace?


To Depict Faith

Many Christians around the world pray by reciting the Hail Mary.  This is done while they meditate and count on the beads of the Rosary.  The Rosary is a beaded necklace with a cross as the pendant. The prayers are begun by holding the cross first and then reciting on each bead of the Rosary. It is perhaps from here that the practice of wearing a little cross pendant on a chain started. While it depicts the wearer’s unwavering faith towards Christianity, it also depicts that the wearer is symbolically carrying a cross to be constantly reminded of the burden that Jesus bore on behalf of mankind. An aesthetically carved small diamond cross necklace is thus perhaps one of the best gifts to be given during ceremonies like Baptism and Christening.

For Confidence

Something as diminutive as a small diamond cross necklace can play anpivotal role in confidence building and providing moral support. This of course would stem from the religious beliefs and faith of a person. It has been said that faith can move mountains and thus wearing a symbol of one’s faith and being able to physically touch it gives the wearer immense confidence during times of need and adversity.

For Elegance and Style


A simple cross pendant on a chain is an affordable accessory that most men and women would be able to buy. This minimalistic symbol of faith can speak volumes about a person’s style. It would portray the wearer as a straight-forward, god-fearing person who can be easily trusted. First impressions and lasting ones are made by simple observations of what a person is wearing and how that person conducts himself or herself in speech and behavior.  It is amazing how a simple necklace can reveal so much about a person.

Thus, there are scores of reasons for choosing a piece of jewelry as either a gift or for personal use.  The simple cross pendant has been around for centuries and can never go out of style. For a devout Christian or even a style conscious one, a cross necklace is a must have. It is one piece of jewelry that can be made either simple or intricate depending upon the choice of the wearer. It is also an accessory of choice when it comes to attending a number of ceremonies in a Christian household.

Many reasons have been listed above for owning, gifting or wearing a cross necklace, and they all translate into one simple fact -wearing a cross necklace makes the wearer more confident of his image, style and personality. In short, this necklace puts lady luck in favor of the wearer. What better reason does one need than “luck” to wear a small diamond cross necklace all the time!