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Aug 18

Split Shank Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

If you are in a search of something special, something that shines and adores the beauty of your partner, your search would certainly end up to split engagement rings and Split shank engagement rings. You can add more glam to your split engagement ring by adding cushion cut diamond to your split shank engagement ring.

 If you want to give elegant look to your engagement ring, cushion cut would certainly fulfill your dream. Cushion cut is evident in early 1800 and 1900’s jewelry, and it is coming back in today’s jewelry field. Being romantic and pure classic style makes cushion cut engagement rings everyone’s favorite, it has its own brilliance and no eye can escape its charm.

Cushion cut is rare to find as most of the engagement ring is dedicated to round or princess cuts. Many women want to wear elegant diamond centered engagement ring. If you were in a search of styled solitaires, then surely you would be looking for a ring that has enchanting beauty. These are excellent and attractive.

Plain shank matches well with cushion cut engagement ring. However, there is a limitation with cushion cut engagement ring; it is not possible to create a height, as it is shallower and wide imparting it to lesser height.

"Split Shank Cushion Cut Engagement Ring"

Split Shank Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion cut mountings

Solitaire cushion cut stones or diamonds need to be embedded properly and not to be adjusted by screw setting. Cushion cut diamonds are more likely to be hit by objects as the middle portion is more projected outwards. Cushion cut engagement ring shanks should be properly fixed to avoid collision and loss of brilliance of the stone.

Thickness of the engagement ring shanks should be determined first to avoid such incidents. Avoiding thin, spindly shank for diamonds above 2 carats would be beneficial. Round cut stones are more stable in this respect as they give strength at girdle and steeper crown and pavilion angles. Therefore, a cushion cut engagement ring is better with low mounting.

Cushion cut diamond rings needs wider shank

Cushion cut engagement ring shank is also available in other cuts having rectangle or square outline. Ratio of length to width equal to 1:1 gives square cushion cut where as 1:2 ratio of length is to width gives rectangular style. The rectangle shape is mounted in North to South direction that would in particular case look odd when shank is slim.

Wider shank engagement ring with cushion cut diamond promises balanced look, double shank engagement ring can also be tried. Split shank that tends to double itself while approaching shoulder would also look fabulous.

Cushion cut engagement ring shanks are lovely to wear, and it becomes nicer when it compliments your look. Class and love for vintages is shown in antique cushion-cut engagement ring. These are rare to find and gives a unique persona to the wearer. Simple etching on metal on upside side down gives a distinctive look to the shank, adding designs encompassing elements of nature makes it more natural and authentic look.