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Aug 16

Split Shank Engagement Ring Settings

Splits shank engagement rings feature a cleaved band that separates into multiple strands as it reaches the crown. The individual strands are often encrusted with pave set diamonds to further enhance the appearance of the ring.

What are splits shank engagement rings? Because these engagement rings not too long ago gained reputation, a whole lot of couples aren’t even aware what these engagement rings are. They are essentially exclusive engagement rings that are not just magnificent, but are also artfully and skillfully crafted, and however they may be readily available at pretty an reasonably priced and affordable price. The setting of those engagement rings price someplace amongst $500 and $1000, that is a bit higher, but a much better value-for-money is provided by these engagement rings.

This year, bridal jewelry retailers have noticed that many modern brides are opting for the desirable split shank engagement ring. With an open-weaved look, these rings have intricately cleaved bands that separate two or three strands before joining at the crown. As a result, this feminine style caters to the bride who appreciates pattern and detail.

"Splits Shank Engagement Rings"

Splits Shank Engagement Rings

The split shanks rings versatile design can be topped with nearly any shape center stone—cushion, round, pear, emerald, Asscher, or radiant cuts—and be further embellished with a halo of pavé diamonds (small, sparkling stones which appear to “float” around a center).

This particular setting is an excellent choice for larger stones, as it not only creates a balanced aesthetic but also provides a stable foundation.

Choosing an engagement ring can be intimidating and overwhelming at the same time especially for those without any experience when it comes to splits shank engagement rings. However, with the following tips, the whole shopping experience can turn out to be surprisingly pleasant and even magical!

1) Choose the Setting – While there are many possibilities, choosing the setting of the split shank engagement rings setting can prove to be tricky. A lot will depend on the person the ring is being bought for. Is the person after a more vintage setting or into modern style? The majority of jewelers will carry settings in a host of different styles to accommodate to different preferences. Among the possibilities include the likes of white gold, yellow gold and platinum. In addition, for individuals with very defined and acquired taste, customizations are always welcomed. Splits shank engagement rings customizations are available at a handful of jewelers – it is advisable to inquire prior to shopping.

2) Choosing the Diamonds and Stones - As mentioned previously, splits shank engagement rings are often accompanied by paved-set diamonds along the setting. Diamonds come in many varieties including colors. Today, one can expect to find a host of different colors such as pink, black, yellow, purple and blue in addition to the traditional clear white. Among the other examples include cushion cut diamonds, princess and round shapes due to their conventional and basic styles that will work best with any splits shank engagement rings.

3) Budget for Splits shank engagement rings - The majority of couples will choose their shank engagement rings based on a myriad of factors including cost. While the average cost of these rings may be slightly higher compared to other kind of settings, these rings are better value for money.