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Dec 15

Split Shank Engagement Rings

Just a descriptive statement about these rings will enable one to have a real picture of how it looks like on a real life. The split shank diamond rings are elegant, sleek and beautiful. The rings determine an individual’s personality. Split Shank Engagement Rings are brilliant as well as stylish designed to convey the main message of love between two individuals.  These rings range in the types, sizes as well as shapes but the main distinction is determined by the presentation of the diamond on their eventual appearance.  The split shank engagement rings act like a frame to the stone so that it looks just perfect on the finger.  The appearance is further enhanced by the skin of the finger through acting as a perfect background to the diamond. One can image how nice it looks.

Various formations of spit shank engagement rings

It is worth realizing that various Split Shank Engagement Rings do not blend pretty well with the wedding bands.  Sometimes the bands are uniquely made to go well with the rings, but still, the blend interferes with the visual balance of the beautiful ring.  These rings should be provided with enough space in order to be visible.  For instance, most people might be wondering now why both the wedding as well as the engagement rings must be worn on the same hand, but the answer is, to allow them the visual space through generating the aesthetic stability.

split shank engagement rings

Split shank engagement rings

Although many people think that the split shank engagement rings are costly due to the considerable size of diamond that is needed for its design, but still, compared to the classic diamond engagement rings which tends to be affordable but after sometimes they wear off, making them more costly.  The split shank diamond rings are durable, and stylish and as the saying goes, “money is quality” these rings can be worn for the rest of an individual’s life but still looks just beautiful and fashionable  on the finger.
One great benefit that comes along these Split Shank Engagement Rings is that they can be worn by both sexes, female in addition to male. They also seem to blend well with all the dresses because of their cool color.  One feels comfortable in them as they are smooth and displays the decorative property of a dress that an individual is wearing.  To acquire these rings in an affordable manner, one can just use a precious stone, and there, the elegant rings come.

How to choose the most suitable split shank engagement rings

split shank engagement rings

Split shank engagement rings

To successfully choose the Split Shank Engagement Rings requires experience.  This is why choosing these rings tend to be challenging and stressful as one may not know which one best suits her finger, complexions as well as many other aspects.  Nonetheless, there are some tips put in place for the engagement individuals to follow as discussed thereafter:
It is important to select the right diamonds as well as stones.  It is quite evident that Split Shank Engagement Rings require substantial size of diamond from all over the setting. It is also important to note that there are ranges of diamonds as most of them come in different colors. They include, pink, light blue, yellow as well as many others.  There are cushion cut diamonds, as well as round shaped diamonds, in addition to others. When designing Split Shank Engagement Rings, they mostly employ the round shaped diamonds because they can easily be curved to create a ring. They are also smooth and comfortable for a finger. For instance it is not possible for one to endure something itching or scratching of the fingers, it would take one just a couple of seconds before taking it away.
For a couple hoping to obtain the split shank diamond rings for their engagement, it is always recommended that the necessary cost is included in the budget prior to the purchasing day. This is mainly because just walking into a jewelry store and order for such a ring immediately may surprise one to find out at the instant, that the ring costs much more than what they have in the pockets.
It would be advisable that one investigates thoroughly on the type of the ring before purchasing as for some people.  This is because without experience, one may not be able to choose the right ring.

Reasons for choosing the split shank engagement rings

•    As illustrated earlier, the Split Shank Engagement Rings are affordable as well as durable.  They are also beautiful and their beauties do not wear off.
•    These rings are flexible. They provide couples with detailed information regarding the possibilities. Moreover, some professional jewelers with can customize the rings according to the desires of the customers. Some couples like their names printed on the rings, others like a couple’s image of the rings as well as many others. As also stated earlier, the Split Shank Engagement Rings add to one’s status, due to its stylish as well as fashionable appearing.
•    The split shank engagement rings adds value to an individual’s wealth. Although most couples will not sell the rings, but having them is a sign of possessing a value of wealth