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Aug 22

Split Shank Halo Diamond Ring

A diamond is symbolic of the eternal love, bonding and fidelity with your partner. You can make it perfect with a classic split engagement ring for her. If you explore the market, you will get an incomprehensible variety when it comes to unique engagement ring- with a range in terms of the quality of the diamond, the cut of the diamond and specifically the setting of the diamond. Have you heard of the halo engagement ring in which a central diamond is circled with another ring of diamond! This is the latest couture in the market.

As the name implies, the halo engagement rings have a halo of diamonds around the larger diamond setting in the middle. If you look for the unique engagement ring that will increase the beauty of her fingers, you must surely fall for the one of a class- engagement ring shank. Engagement ring shanks are in the genre of diamond engagement halo rings that are made as a particular setting of diamond.

Since the setting of smaller diamonds flank the central diamond, the effect of the central diamond is increased. It amplifies the effect of the diamond in the center making it look even larger. For people who are careful of the latest trends, you need to know that the fashion trend this season is to wear larger size of diamonds and the split shank rings are the best option for them.

"Split Shank Halo Diamond Ring"

Split Shank Halo Diamond Ring

Just as a princess cut diamond engagement ring, the engagement ring split shank, comes in a variety of settings. For example, the prong setting is usually preferred when it comes to split shank rings. The reason it that apart from holding the diamonds in setting the prongs or claws do not obstruct the rays being emitted from the rings.

In Bezel, setting some of the brilliance of the diamond is hidden but not so with the clawed setting. A mill grain edged diamond shank is not only elegant but also symbolic of your eye for quality items. The other type of settings is the pave or the channel settings, and these two are certainly much preferred because they also enhance the effectiveness of the diamonds.

As in case of the princess cut engagement rings you can get a variation in the halo rings too. For example, the material of the ring is a critical factor for the range of rings. Platinum and titanium are rare metals, but they are expensive. However, they are extremely elegant and suited to make your diamonds embossed in them.

One such engagement halo ring may cost you a fortune, but it is certainly a rare piece of art. Apart from these two costly metals, you can even choose your ideal split shank ring in other metals like gold and silver. Various isotopes of gold like yellow gold rose gold and white gold rule the market and you ought to chose from any one of them.

You can even get a variety on the core and surrounding diamonds, but this largely depends on the budget. Remember the wind is blowing with the split shank rings and you must possess one! Check the various online jewelry stores to gather further information.