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Mar 12

Tennis Diamond Bracelet vs Diamond Heart Pendant

Diamonds are the most adorable jewelry, no matter where they are worn. But the two most commonly used jewelry that is close to anybody’s heart is the tennis diamond bracelets and the diamond heart pendants. Both are under limelight recent days since they go excellent with any outfit and form the perfect piece of jewelry for any occasion.

Both the jewelry requires expert craftsmanship irrespective of the metal they are mounted on. Expert craftsmanship relies on arranging the well cut stones into pre-requisite design to bring out the beautiful art in the jewelry and making it useful as every day wear.

Let us compare and contrast the salient features of both these masterpieces to yield a clear understanding about them, before using them.

tennis diamond bracelets

The number of gemstones used in the jewelry

Bracelets are bigger and larger jewels compared to pendants. A tennis diamond bracelet is composed of in-line rows of diamonds that are evenly spaced and patterned. Each stone in the bracelet is set on the prong individually and are linked with each other to form a long chain of diamonds that are flexible and elegant around the wrist.

The band is secured by a safety latch at the clasp of the bracelets. All the diamonds wound on the bracelet are of uniform cut, clarity and shape. Due focus is laid on individual stones, which has to look bright and crystalline.

A diamond pendant at the other hand comprised of a single diamond set inside the heart frame made of white or yellow gold. Sometimes the pendant is made of gemstones lined with diamonds on the entire outer surface of the pendant. In the bracelet, the diamonds are interconnected with each other in a chain, whereas in the pendant the diamonds are set close to each other.

Another difference between the two is that, in the tennis diamond bracelet, individual gems need not be flawless, though they have to be sparkling and eye catchy, whereas in the pendant, each gemstone has to be sparkling bright, for they get composed in a small pendant.

Limitations on the size of the jewelry

The size of the wrist is to be considered for both men and women before choosing their tennis diamond bracelets. The carat size of each independent stone should be considered to analyze its impact on the overall cost and budget of the jewelry.

It is a general opinion that bracelets with large gems look good on women with larger wrists. Delicate and small sized diamonds look good for women with thin wrists. Whereas with diamond pendants, the neck size has absolutely no influence on the type and size of the pendant, though it may have some influence on the length of the chain on which the pendant is tied.

Also smaller pendants look better for anybody as larger ones tend to override the overall look and feel of the diamonds.

Bracelet warrants good fit

It is essential for the tennis diamond bracelet to fit the wrist adequately, allowing a finger to pass through the bracelet and the wrist easily. Too tight ones carry the risk of getting broken and too loose ones may get snagged or get slipped off easily. Free movement between individual gems and the clasp is also desired.

With diamond pendants, there is no hard and fast rule with the length of the chain. It is absolutely with the preference of the user to leave the pendent close to the neck through a short chain or leave it hanging well below the neck line. It also depends on the outfit one wears and they wish to expose the pendant or not.

Nevertheless, in both the jewelry the diamonds should exhibit expert craftsmanship, with diamonds set beautifully with the prongs with no rough and sharp edges. The clasp needs to be checked in both the jewelry and with the bracelet they should look like another link in the bracelet. The care and maintenance required for the tennis diamond bracelet is no different from from any other diamond jewelry.