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Jul 11

The Amazing Thing About Bling – Diamond Jewelry

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The amazing thing about ‘bling’ is that we all love it. And bling doesn’t get any better than when it’s diamond shaped. Large or small, princess cut or heart shaped, a diamond is a diamond is a diamond. Since man first scrawled on cave walls, he’s been attracted to shiny objects (well..his woman has been), and he’s always needed to validate his existence by what he possesses,  how those around him have perceived his personal wealth..and keeping his woman happy by way precious metals and shiny gemstones.

Millenniums later we haven’t much changed. We’re still horribly motivated by our need to possess, to demonstrate, to show to the world just how well we’re doing, how successful we are, how marvelous a life we lead.

Even now, when most of us are feeling the negative effects of a global economy that strains beneath the weight of the financial fallout, we still want to appear as though we’re doing ok. Diamonds are still worn, bought, mined and processed, and women the world over still want a fabulous rock placing on their hand on the day that they get married.

What’s the allure of the diamond jewelry? Why do we view it as being a statement of riches and achievement? The short answer is because diamonds really don’t come as big as bricks, and they’re nowhere near as common either. Even the most disconnected from society are aware of just how valuable diamonds can be.

Since time began, we’ve used precious gemstones and metals as gifts for each other – as a sign of allegiance or servitude, of celebration or thanks. Now we’re in the 21st century, we’re the same. Placing a huge rock on the finger of your beloved is a sign of affluence, that you’re life is successful.

Perhaps there remains the underlying principle that a diamond is a physical representation of a couple’s love for each other but. If we’re being really honest, diamonds are fabulous, diamonds are a symbol of wealth, diamonds are fabulous and we want one. The biggest, the best, the blingiest.

They’re not known as a girls best friend for nothing and there (probably) isn’t a woman alive that would turn her nose up at a 1.75 carat diamond set atop a ring-shaped chunk of platinum. There’s just something incredibly..excessive about them. That’s why we love them like we do. That said, we also envy them, just a tiny bit. Unlike us, diamonds really are forever, and the thought of being able to shine eternally..that’s got to count for something.